What Trump Supporters Don’t Get About DeSantis Supporters

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After the 2020 election, I wanted nothing more than for Donald Trump to run for president again and return to office. I knew Joe Biden would make a mess of this country, and that we’d need Donald Trump to come back and fix it. Without a doubt, if Trump is the Republican nominee, he’ll get my complete support, but over time, I found myself thinking that if Trump decided not to run, at least we had Ron DeSantis, a successful Republican governor who fearlessly confronted the battles that many Republicans have been afraid to face — and he has won. In addition to the chief executive leadership he demonstrates, he’s avoided the controversies that tend to come with Trump.

Trump and his die-hard supporters have accused DeSantis of being disloyal, treating him like a Democrat, and attacking him left and right despite praising him not all that long ago. As much as I get why they feel that way, they’re wrong. Make no mistake about it, DeSantis gets much of his support from Trump voters who still love Trump and are grateful for what he did, but who see the time has come to pass the baton to the next generation of GOP leaders.

During a DeSantis campaign event in South Carolina earlier this week, a self-proclaimed “very hardcore Trump supporter” explained why she is supporting the Florida governor in 2024, and it’s worth your time to unpack it.

“I’m a very hardcore Trump supporter,” the woman began. “But I know he made me stop and think a minute. Because my love for President Trump comes from all the despair, all the things that he’s been through, has served as our president of the United States — and he did a good job. But all the things — I’m thinking more with my heart, and my sorrow and my love for him and for this country,” she said in an emotional voice. Addressing DeSantis, she continued, “But now I have — this is the most important vote that we’re going to have — and I have to think more with my mind and what’s best for this country. And you did an excellent job. And I certainly appreciate it.”

She’s right, and DeSantis’s response was also on point.

“You know, I agree with you,” he replied. “I appreciate what President Trump did. How they treated him with things like Russia collusion was a disgrace, and he was treated wrong. He was treated in ways that were unconstitutional. But here’s the thing. The question for us now is, what are we going to do about it?”

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DeSantis continued, “And we need to end the weaponization of government. I will get that done. It’s not about me, it’s about you. It’s about me standing up for you and standing up for this Constitution and restoring this country to what the Founding Fathers envisioned, and we will we will get it done. We will be focused, we will be disciplined, and we will make it happen.”

Trump supporters and DeSantis supporters need not be enemies. It’s distressing seeing Trump use so much time, energy, and resources attacking DeSantis, because they’re on the same team. We’re all trying to save this country from the damage done by Joe Biden. Trump likes to take credit for DeSantis getting elected, and there’s a reason they were the strongest of allies before DeSantis appeared to be eying the presidency. If Trump wins the nomination, I’m sure DeSantis will campaign aggressively for him. Why? Because they’re on the same side.



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