Cocainegate Will Remain ‘Unsolved’ and We All Know Why

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

We first learned about cocaine being found in the White House on Monday. Where was the cocaine found? Well, it depends. We’ve heard three different stories, and when a story changes that much that quickly, it reeks of a cover-up, and in this case it’s not a very good one.

“The initial dispatch call stated that the white, powdery substance was found in the residence’s library on the ground floor of the building,” the New York Post explained. That’s within the White House living quarters — a heavily restricted area. “However, officials familiar with the incident told The Post the purported cocaine was found in a holding area in the West Wing that is accessible to both White House staff and guests. DC Fire and EMS did not immediately respond to a request to clarify the discrepancy.”

Of course, they didn’t, but the mainstream media, which initially took no interest in the story, suddenly went into cover-up mode, repeating over and over and over that the cocaine was actually found in an area that was “heavily traveled,” making sure the masses understood that the culprit who brought the cocaine to the White House could have been anyone.

Then the story changed again, and the White House now claims that the bag of cocaine was near the White House’s West Executive entrance in a cubby. “The entrance is near where some vehicles, like the vice president’s limo or SUV park. It is one floor below the main West Wing offices and the same floor as the Situation Room and a dining area,” explained NBC News.

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Two sources familiar with the investigation told NBC News that investigators anticipate completing their inquiry by Monday. Previously, it was estimated that the investigation would require a couple of weeks to conclude. This abbreviated timeline came with the disclaimer that officials are setting “low expectations” for being able to find the person who left the cocaine.

In other words, the investigation has been abbreviated because they know that the longer the investigation is the worse it will appear when they come up with nothing. Why will they come up with nothing? Well, as we previously reported, it is extremely unlikely that anyone going through security at the White House could manage to bring in cocaine. It would take someone who doesn’t go through security to do that, like a family member. According to Dan Bongino, there is “absolutely ZERO chance anyone other than a family member brought that cocaine inside the White House complex.” Bongino, a former Secret Service agent, would know.

That’s why the White House and the mainstream media are pushing the narrative that the cocaine was found in a heavily trafficked area. It makes it easier to sell the story that they can’t figure out who brought a bag of cocaine into the White House despite the security and surveillance.

If the Capitol Police could find anyone who was anywhere near the Capitol on January 6, the Secret Service can find who left the cocaine at the White House. I dare say they likely figured out exactly where it came from already, and if the culprit was anyone but a family member of Joe Biden’s family, that information would have been made public already to remove suspicion from the primary suspect who pretty much everyone assumes is responsible.


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