Activists Accidentally Reveal What Pride Month Is Really About

AP Photo/George Walker IV

Pride month is the worst. As if we weren’t already bombarded with LGBTQ propaganda enough during the other 11 months of the year, the excessive displays of corporate virtue signaling are almost impossible to avoid when June rolls around. Rainbow versions of familiar corporate logos are unveiled, streaming services promote their selection of LGBTQ content, and woke liberals act even higher and mightier than usual.

Generally speaking, we’ve been led to believe that pride month is about honoring LGBTQ rights and celebrating LGBTQ culture. But this is no longer the case. It arguably never was.

Despite assurances from LGBTQ activists that pride month is not about propaganda or grooming children and that it represents a libertarian ideal centered around happiness and the freedom to love whomever one chooses, the evidence tells a much different story.

Last year for pride month, the streaming service Disney+ launched its pride-themed content, featuring LGBTQ+ stories and characters. Because that’s appropriate for a brand that is supposed to be family-friendly? More recently, Target launched its own pride collection, prominently featured in displays in the front of its stores, making it impossible to miss. Both companies have suffered financially for going woke, but that hasn’t stopped countless corporations from joining in on pride month marketing.

As for the LGBTQ community and its allies, I’m not convinced it’s about celebrating civil rights or LGBTQ culture for them, either. This year I’ve noticed many social media posts and memes that accidentally reveal what pride month is about for so many.

I’ve been regularly seeing posts with the same snarky message that reads: Wishing All The Homophobes A Super Uncomfortable Month.

Here is just one example of the many posts I’ve seen:

Wow, so pride month actually isn’t a celebration of rights and culture. It’s really about provoking so-called “homophobes.”

Are you shocked? You shouldn’t be.

Frankly, they’ve made this obvious for years now, but it’s interesting that those claiming to celebrate pride month are openly acknowledging their true motivations. For them, it is not a celebration but an opportunity to flaunt their woke credentials by eliciting reactions from anyone who doesn’t conform to their movement, something akin to the Two Minutes Hate from George Orwell’s 1984. Above anything else, it’s their moment to disparage their enemies, not celebrate diversity, civil rights, culture, or whatever other innocuous explanation they offer for the existence of pride month. They are admitting that pride month isn’t about fostering dialogue and building bridges, but that it’s really about perpetuating division and animosity between different groups in society.

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What does it say when these people see pride month as their moment to antagonize individuals who hold different beliefs? It tells us that they have no desire to co-exist or engage in meaningful dialogue with those who disagree with them. Again, this isn’t surprising. We’ve seen how those who disagree with the LGBT movement have been censored, attacked, or had their lives destroyed. The movement doesn’t want to co-exist. It wants to impose its values on the rest of us and indoctrinate children.

At least they’re admitting it.


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