Dylan Mulvaney Identifies as Author, Appears To Be Writing a Book

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In the wake of the backlash following his partnership with Bud Light, Dylan Mulvaney is hinting that he is writing a book.

Mulvaney posted a picture of himself over the weekend sitting at a table with a MacBook conspicuously placed in front of him.


“Happy Sunday! In my author era,” he wrote. “Just bought a hummingbird feeder. In the mood to binge Diane Keaton movies. Protecting my peace.”


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A book now? I have no doubt woke book publishers will be tripping over themselves to get publishing rights. In fact, I’m sure his agent is already trying to get them into a bidding war. You may be wondering (and I can’t blame you)  who exactly is going to read this thing. Sadly, the answer is quite a few people, I suppose, based on the comments on the announcement.

“if you’re writing a book i need to know immediately so i can buy 10 copies,” one user wrote.

“if ur writing a book i will fill my shelves with only that book,” wrote another.

“can’t wait to read the heck out of that book mama,” another chimed in.

There were plenty more where that came from.

Dylan Mulvaney has become a famous TikTok influencer solely for identifying as transgender, wearing dresses and makeup, and acting like a seven-year-old girl. As a result of his partnership with Bud Light, the brand has faced a boycott, causing sales to decline roughly 30%. The company has lost billions in market value—a surefire reflection of America’s distaste for transgender ideology.


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Another successful boycott of transgender pandering is underway with Target.

Target went woke years ago, but is finally starting to feel the financial pain of a boycott after its launch of the “pride collection” at its stores, featuring clothes, merchandise, and books promoting transgender ideology to children. The company has lost more than $10 billion in market value in ten days as a result. Attempts to mitigate the backlash are now enraging the LGBTQ community, which likely means the impact of the boycott will continue.

I can’t even imagine how unreadable Mulvaney’s book will be. Will his absurd flamboyance and parody of womanhood translate well to print? I can’t see it.  Yet, there are enough “fans” of his who are just gushing over the idea of seeing his manly face on a book and buying multiple copies to virtue signal their trans-acceptance.



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