What if Hunter Biden Takes a Plea Deal?

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Hunter Biden’s legal issues appear to be piling up fast. In the past week, he was ordered by a judge to personally appear in court in his ongoing paternity case in Arkansas, and federal charges loom for tax fraud and lying on a government form when he purchased a firearm. And then, of course, there is the ongoing investigation by the House Oversight Committee.

Despite the fact that Hunter Biden has avoided accountability for pretty much anything he’s done for years, legal expert Jonathan Turley believes that Hunter’s world is “collapsing” and a criminal plea may be the best option for him and the Biden family.

“After years of delaying disclosures and admissions, Hunter could now be pushing to cap off the criminal side of the scandal before more information is released in Arkansas and Washington. For the White House, even a criminal plea is preferred if they can avoid one particular claim — and they may be succeeding,” Turley writes at The Hill. “For years, the Bidens have worked (with the media’s help) to delay any recognition of the influence peddling and corruption that may be revealed on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Even this week, in child support proceedings in Arkansas, Hunter’s counsel continued to refuse to admit ownership of the laptop abandoned at The Mac Shop in Wilmington, Del., in April 2019.”

Turley notes that Hunter’s repeated denials of fathering his four-year-old child are comparable to his current denials regarding his laptop. DNA evidence proves he is the father of the child, and forensic analysis has proved he’s the owner of the abandoned laptop. The evidence will inevitably undermine Hunter’s claims and render them unsustainable in court, forcing both him and his legal team to acknowledge the truth.

Hunter clearly realizes that the walls are closing in on him, as evidenced by his reported threats towards potential witnesses and his calls for the IRS to investigate those who criticize him. There are reportedly four charges being considered against him and could result in jail time. But, Turley says, “the situation is likely to get worse for Hunter if the House reveals new evidence of foreign dealings and payments.”

“That is why a capstone plea could control the damage for both Hunter and his father,” Turley concludes. “A capstone is designed to protect against erosion and even help to hold together an arch that might otherwise collapse. This capstone plea could avoid a worst scenario (and charge) that would undermine years of denials by both Bidens.” Hunter may also be inclined to take a plea deal to avoid charges of being an unregistered foreign agent under the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA), of which there is substantial evidence.

If Hunter were to face criminal charges, his corruption would be presented and scrutinized before the general public — and would be incredibly difficult for the mainstream media to ignore. This would be an embarrassing scenario for him and for Joe Biden, particularly if a FARA charge is ever made. Garland has refused to appoint a special counsel in the case, likely due to the wealth of evidence that Hunter’s influence peddling benefited Joe Biden. Such charges would be hard to avoid if Hunter’s dirty laundry is aired out in court. But Turley argues that a plea deal on tax and gun form charges could contain the damage to the Biden administration. “As a first offender, Hunter could plead out such charges to minimal jail time,” Turley believes. Though, even a little jail time could embarrass Joe Biden as he runs for reelection.

It is also possible that if Hunter were to face federal charges, he could postpone pleading guilty, and if President Biden is not reelected, he could potentially pardon his son before leaving office. Nonetheless, it is certain that Hunter has been a significant source of problems for his family, especially his father, and much of the attention he currently faces was triggered by Joe Biden’s decision to run for president, which led to greater scrutiny of the Biden crime family.



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