An Update on the Nashville Trans Shooter’s Manifesto

AP Photo/John Amis

It has now been a month since Audrey Hale killed six people at Covenant School before being fatally shot by police. For weeks, local politicians have accused the FBI of stalling the release of Hale’s manifesto, which a Nashville council member recently described as a “blueprint on total destruction” due to its potentially dangerous contents.


There was widespread speculation that Hale’s manifesto would never be released precisely because it would shed light on the role her transgender identity played in targeting the school. Although Nashville Chief of Police John Drake has not confirmed this theory, it seems to be the most plausible explanation.

Rep. Tim Burchett (R-Tenn.) has long called for the document to be released, arguing it “could possibly shed light on what was going on inside her head.” He believes that the release of the manifesto would provide answers to many questions — answers we haven’t gotten in a month.

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According to a local news report, the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) is expected to make public the manifesto that Audrey Hale left behind and is currently reviewing it in collaboration with the FBI for the purpose of public release. “The investigation has advanced to the point that writings from the Covenant shooter are now being reviewed for public release,” MNPD’s Public Information Office told WZTV. “That process is underway and will take a little time.”

Will the manifesto ever see the light of day? It’s hard to say. The New York Post previously received confirmation from Metro Nashville Council Member Courtney Johnston that the FBI had already determined it wouldn’t be released in the near future. “What I was told is, her manifesto was a blueprint on total destruction, and it was so, so detailed at the level of what she had planned,” Johnston said, that “that document in the wrong person’s hands would be astronomically dangerous.”


Frankly, I’ll believe the manifesto will be released only after it has actually happened. But the public has the right to know what’s in it, and it should be revealed.

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