WATCH: Pro-Trans Activists Attempted Four Insurrections Last Week

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The mainstream media refused to cover them, but pro-transgender protestors stormed into Capitol buildings in four different states last week, creating disturbances in legislative chambers. In two of the states, the protests led to disruptions in ongoing legislative sessions. As you can recall, this kind of behavior was previously labeled as an insurrection by the media.


The protestors who entered the Capitol buildings in three out of the four states were explicitly against legislation aimed at protecting children from transgender ideology. In the fourth state, a protest for gun control included pro-transgender rhetoric.

The incidents occurred on March 27 in Austin, Texas; March 29 in Frankfort, Kentucky; March 30 in Nashville, Tennessee; and March 31 in Tallahassee, Florida.

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In Austin, pro-transgender activists gathered at the Texas Capitol extension to oppose HB 1686, a bill banning gender transition procedures on minors. After nightfall, hundreds of activists entered the Capitol, chanting, “Shut it down” and “Protect trans kids.”


Testimony ended at midnight, at which point protesters staged a “die-in” and completely blocked the hallways, forcing legislators and others to step over them.

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In Frankfort, Kentucky, there were rallies in support and in opposition to a veto override of SB-150, which Democrat Governor Andy Beshear previously vetoed. SB-150 includes provisions protecting children’s privacy in bathrooms and locker rooms, banning transition procedures for minors, and promoting parental rights in education. The Senate voted 29-8 to override the veto, and protesters disrupted the proceedings in the House chamber.

Police arrested 19 people for criminal trespassing. The House voted 76-23 to override the veto after the order was restored.

In Nashville, hundreds (though some say thousands) of protesters gathered at the Tennessee state Capitol demanding stronger gun laws, and expressing solidarity with the transgender community. The crowd disrupted House and Senate proceedings, and state troopers removed a handful of protesters.


The most telling moment was when the protesters held a moment of “silence” for the victims of the Nashville shooting, and there was a disagreement over the number of victims. Some held up six fingers and others held up seven, so as to honor the trans shooter as well.

And finally, in Tallahassee, around 200 people, mostly college students, descended upon the state Capitol’s rotunda to protest against HB 1069, a bill that would expand last year’s  Parental Rights in Education Act. After the bill was overwhelmingly passed, protesters erupted in anger.


These incidents involved protesters attempting to disrupt, obstruct, or intimidate lawmakers, which has led to valid comparisons to the January 6th Capitol protest, which was referred to as an insurrection by many in the media and on the left. In each of the four cases mentioned, protesters were very loud and disrespectful inside the legislative buildings and sought to exert undue influence over elected officials. But despite this, media outlets that did report on them described them as “peaceful.”


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