Told Ya So: The Club Q Shooter Is ‘Non-binary’

AP Photo/Jack Dempsey

I’ve been warning for days that the Club Q shooting may not be what it seems. Many on the left quickly jumped to the conclusion that this was a targeted attack on the LGBTQ committee — what they would call a “hate crime” — for which Republicans bore responsibility because of their opposition to the “Respect for Marriage Act” that would codify gay marriage in federal law.


Well, it turns out that the shooter is a part of the LGBTQ community.

According to court filings, the suspect is identified as “Mx. Anderson Aldrich,” identifies as non-binary, and uses they/them pronouns.

This revelation is a huge blow to the narrative that has been pushed by Democrats, the media, even Club Q itself. The kneejerk reaction to the shooting was to assume this was a “hate crime” targeting the LGBTQ community, and yet, it turns out, it was one of their own who committed the act.

“Every GOP politician spewing anti-LGBTQ rhetoric bears responsibility for the Colorado Springs shooting,” Rep. Nydia Velasquez (D-N.Y.) declared on Twitter after the attack. “Every GOP politician who says that guns aren’t the problem bears responsibility for the Colorado Springs shooting.

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Many in the liberal media were quick to blame Republicans for the attack. Whoopi Goldberg of ABC’s The View specifically blamed Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert. “Words matter and people like Lauren Boebert who, you know, has been in the forefront of dissing LGBTQ+ people, is now saying her prayers and thoughts go with the families. Well, they don’t really need your prayers and thoughts. They needed your votes. That’s what they needed.”


While it would be nice to believe that Velazquez, Whoopi, and others will have egg on their faces with this new revelation, the truth is that the preferred narrative has already been established. Thus, Aldrich’s preferred pronouns are likely not to be reported on.

The 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando was also falsely blamed on conservative Christians targeting a gay nightclub, even though the shooter turned out to be a Muslim who had pledged allegiance to ISIS, and who didn’t even know it was a gay nightclub. Yet, the false narrative persists to this day.

Shame on those who cared more about politicizing the tragedy than waiting for all the facts.


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