Pence Rebuffs J6 Committee: ‘Congress Has No Right to My Testimony’

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Former Vice President Mike Pence won’t testify before the J6 Committee. He declared that Congress “has no right” to his testimony, despite previously indicating he would consider appearing before the committee.


“I am closing the door on that,” Pence told Face the Nation host Margaret Brennan about testifying before the panel.

“But I must say again, the partisan nature of the January 6 committee has been a disappointment to me,” Pence explained. “It seemed to me in the beginning, there was an opportunity to examine every aspect of what happened on January 6, and to do so more in the spirit of the 9/11 Commission, nonpartisan, nonpolitical, and that was an opportunity lost.”

The J6 Committee broke precedent by being entirely picked by Nancy Pelosi.

“I never stood in the way of senior members of my team cooperating with the committee and testifying,” Pence explained. “But Congress has no right to my testimony. We have a separation of powers under the Constitution of the United States. And I believe it would establish a terrible precedent for the Congress to summon a vice president of the United States to speak about deliberations that took place at the White House.”

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The J6 Committee is expected to be dissolved once the GOP majority takes office in January.


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