Fetterman Hires Shady Hillary Campaign Lawyer to Get Illegal Ballots Counted


U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman has hired a notoriously corrupt and scandal-plagued Democratic election lawyer in a last-ditch effort to get Pennsylvania’s election boards to count illegal mail-in ballots.


Last month, we learned that the Pennsylvania State Department, led by Democrat Leigh M. Chapman, a left-wing voting rights activist, intended to count mail-in ballots that are incorrectly dated or undated. However, the state supreme court deemed those ballots illegal earlier this month and ordered them not to be counted.

The Fetterman campaign and two Democratic organizations hired Marc Elias of the Elias Law Group, a longtime Democratic attorney, to file a federal lawsuit on Monday demanding that the state’s 67 county election boards count those illegal ballots. The Elias Law Group claims that “thousands” of undated mail-in ballots have already been cast in the race.

Marc Elias is one of the most corrupt election lawyers in the nation. Prior to founding the Elias Law Group, Marc Elias was a partner at the Democrat law firm Perkins Coie, which, as you may recall, played a key role in the creation of the infamous Steel dossier. In fact, it was Elias who retained Fusion GPS to conduct the research that was ultimately used by Christopher Steele to generate the bogus document.

Elias has been retained by Democrats all over the country to challenge elections with absurd lawsuits. He’s even been sanctioned for making misleading claims in court filings.


I’ve previously expressed concern that there were shenanigans going on in Pennsylvania. According to a report from The Epoch Times, the Pennsylvania Department of State also sent out at least 249,000 mail-in ballots to unverified voters for the 2022 general election “due to an odd process for verifying the identity of those requesting mail-in ballots where people vote first and verify their identification later.”

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An unverified voter isn’t necessarily fraudulent and could simply be caused by typos, like an incorrect driver’s license number or a misspelling. But these discrepancies are supposed to be resolved before the individual’s vote is counted, and the failure to address them before the election leaves the process vulnerable to potential fraud.

Fetterman has trailed his Republican opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz, in most of the recent polls by a slim margin.


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