Rumors Swirl: Nancy Pelosi to Retire After Midterms?

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Rumors of Nancy Pelosi retiring have been around for over a year now, but a new report from Politico reveals that there’s some action behind the scenes that suggests it may actually happen after the midterm elections.


One person looking to take Pelosi’s seat is state Sen. Scott Wiener — a radical LGBTQ activist who is behind some vile pro-pedophile legislation in California, including a bill that would end sex-offender registration guidelines for some adults who rape minors because of “discrimination against LGBTQ young people.”

Of course, despite Weiner having eyes on Pelosi’s seat, he’s treading carefully.

“Nancy Pelosi is so well respected and so well appreciated that no one is looking forward to seeing her leave, and the last thing anybody wants is to be viewed as making even the littlest insult to the speaker … from a purely practical, political point of view, no one wants to offend Nancy Pelosi,” Weiner’s former political director Todd David told Politico.

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Weiner’s hopes of taking Pelosi’s seat and bringing his pro-pedophile agenda to the U.S. Congress may be thwarted by none other than Christine Pelosi, Nancy’s daughter, who, Politico says, “is widely expected to pursue the seat if it opens.”

Whatever happens, if Nancy Pelosi steps down, the fight to fill that seat could get nasty.

“Given the fact that these positions don’t have term limits, and given the ATM that is San Francisco, this is going to be a brawl,” Max Szabo, a San Francisco-based Democratic consultant, explained. “No one is going to leave anything on the field.”


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