Blake Masters Scorches Mark Kelly in Debate Over Border Crisis

Rob Schumacher/The Arizona Republic via AP, Pool

Blake Masters (R-Ariz.) faced off against Sen. Mark Kelly (D-Ariz.) Thursday night in a debate, during which Kelly attempted to portray himself as proactive on the border crisis.


“When Democrats are wrong, like on the border, I call them out on it, because I’m always going to stick up for Arizona,” Kelly claimed, though his record contradicts that statement.

“I’ve been focused on the border since day one on this job,” Kelly claimed later in the debate. “I’m down there all the time. I was on the phone this week, just, you know—with Mayor Nicholls of Yuma, Sheriff Dannels of Cochise County—talking about what more we need for Border Patrol and immigration.”

Kelly continued, “We’re working to raise Border Patrol pay by 18%, I’ve got legislation to do that. I’ve been focused on the border since day one.”

“With no great effect,” Masters pointed out, “because we have a wide-open southern border. So if that’s the best you can do, I respectfully request him to resign, and let’s get someone in his seat right who will actually secure our border.”


Last month, Masters was endorsed by the National Border Patrol Council. “[Biden’s] policies also allow the same cartels to control stretches of our border, fueling a drug trade that is killing many of our friends and neighbors, including children,” the National Border Patrol Council said in a statement. “Blake Masters will save lives by ending Biden’s dangerous border policies and keeping organized crime in check. The border crisis must end, which is why I encourage all Arizona voters to support border security by voting for Blake Masters.”


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