The Left’s Sense of Entitlement Extends to Hollywood Celebrities

(Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

The political left is notorious for its sense of entitlement. Everything should be free, outcomes should be the same, everyone’s a winner, etc.

And they feel entitled to their Hollywood celebrities as well. It’s not enough that Hollywood is unabashedly liberal and has been making a point to push a radical left agenda through entertainment, but they’re also particularly irked when a celebrity goes against the narrative. This week, actor and comedian Tim Allen made an innocent joke at Joe Biden’s expense, and the left couldn’t handle it.

“Biden was on 60 Minutes,” Allen tweeted Monday afternoon. “I heard he asked how long the show was.”

Joe Biden’s diminished mental state is hardly a secret, but liberals on social media were scandalized by those 14 words. Not only did they come out in droves to attack his politics, but they mocked his successful career and, apropos of nothing, brought up his past criminal record. Some even dismissed him as an actor or lamented that they could no longer support his upcoming miniseries on Disney+, The Santa Clauses.

Tim Allen’s conservative politics have not exactly been a secret. Heck, his character on the hit show Last Man Standing was an unabashed conservative. Yet it seems there are still plenty of leftists living under a rock who can’t imagine supporting anything connected to an actor whose 14-word joke was rather tame compared to the things that leftists say about Trump on a daily basis.

This comes days after Pat Sajak, the longtime host of Wheel of Fortune, got liberals fuming on social media after a photo of him and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) went viral.

“First Chuck Woolery. Now Pat Sajak. Are all game show hosts trash?” tweeted Temple University professor, Mark Lamont Hill.

Naturally, others insisted that they’d no longer watch Wheel of Fortune over the photo. Of course, others weren’t surprised because, like Tim Allen, Sajak’s politics are no secret. But the left is always looking for the next thing to be outraged over, including making fun of Joe Biden.

Heck, try being a conservative attempting to watch Saturday Night Live! over the last thirty years… or even longer. Conservatives have long gotten used to being the butt of cruel jokes from the entertainment industry, which has become so leftist and toxic to conservatives that very few Hollywood celebrities have dared to come out of the closet as conservatives because doing so can be career suicide.

When an actor or actress doesn’t toe the liberal line, he or she is inevitably the target of scorn, with outraged liberals dismissing him or her as “irrelevant” and no longer worthy of attention. Other times the outrage gets violent. Author J.K. Rowling — not a conservative by any means but a defender of biological sex — has been the target of death threats for no other reason than defending real women from the transgender cult.

Years of liberal monopoly in Hollywood have made leftists feel entitled to the entire industry and everyone involved. If you’re a conservative in Hollywood, they will try to cancel you. This sense of entitlement has gotten so bad that the left has become increasingly shameless with political messaging in movies and television, forcing conservatives to increasingly produce their own entertainment as demand for family-friendly, pro-faith, or even politically neutral programming is growing. The fact is, the left won’t be happy until it completely purges conservatives out of Hollywood.


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