California Wants to Be a Sanctuary State for Child Abuse

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California is seeking to become a sanctuary state for children seeking dangerous hormone treatments and body mutilation from red states that ban these procedures for kids. Without any debate, the Assembly passed a bill (48-16) that would offer legal protection to parents of transgender children from other states who risk having their kids taken away or facing criminal charges.


State Sen. Scott Wiener, a Democrat, introduced the bill in response to red states such as Florida, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Texas restricting gender transition procedures for children who cannot understand the consequences of their actions.

“Trans kids and their parents are being criminalized and used as political punching bags by right-wing zealots,” Weiner said in a statement. “No one should ever have to worry about being separated from their child simply for allowing that child to be who they are.”

Not everyone agrees with this.

The California bill “declares war on parents across the country who don’t want their children sterilized because of their gender dysphoria,” says Greg Burt of the California Family Council.

For our VIP Members: Complications From Gender Transition Surgeries Are Being Covered Up

Brad Dacus, the president of the conservative nonprofit Pacific Justice Institute, says the bill would enable parents to bring their kids to California “under the guise of securing genital surgeries,” which he equated to “kidnapping kids from conservative states.”


Dacus is correct. Under the transgender sanctuary bill, California would not recognize any out-of-state court orders to take custody of transgender children from their parents who enabled them to undergo gender transition. It would also forbid California health officials from complying with out-of-state subpoenas from other states requesting medical or other information on those who obtained gender transitioning procedures in the state.

Parents who take their kids to California to be butchered would not be able to be arrested or extradited for breaking the laws in their home states that criminalize gender-transitioning kids.

There is a lot of money to be made from gender reassignment surgery, and those profits are blinding the industry from acknowledging the high rate of complications from these experimental procedures. People of all ages, but children in particular, are being misled into thinking these operations will correct their gender dysphoria when in reality, they could potentially shorten their lives and fill them with horrible anguish and suffering. Most kids who experience gender dysphoria grow out of it, but California is now on the verge of making itself a refuge for this trendy version of child abuse.


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