Best. News. Ever. Fauci Confirms When He's Retiring!

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden’s chief medical advisor, the longtime head of the NIAID, and the architect of our nation’s COVID-19 pandemic response, has finally revealed when he will step down. 


According to a report from Politico, after “more than five decades of federal service under seven presidents, Anthony Fauci says he’s leaving by the end of President Joe Biden’s term.”

“We’re in a pattern now. If somebody says, ‘You’ll leave when we don’t have Covid anymore,’ then I will be 105. I think we’re going to be living with this,” Fauci told the publication in an interview.

Frankly, I wish he wouldn’t wait so long. Fauci’s decades-long career has been punctuated by controversy and failure—particularly during the COVID pandemic. Throughout the pandemic, Fauci has been on the side of big government intervention, pushing policies that simply didn’t work. Remember 15 days to slow the spread? Fauci still endorses lockdowns despite the fact they’ve been proven to be ineffective. A study from July 2020, which was published in The Lancet and based on data from 50 countries, found no reduction in COVID-related mortality from lockdowns. Another study published a few months later relied on data from 160 countries and reached a similar conclusion. There have been many studies since that have also reached similar conclusions, including a Johns Hopkins University study released earlier this year.

With Fauci as the architect of the nation’s COVID response, we not only shut down the economy and locked down schools, but we universally masked up, despite Fauci knowing that masks don’t protect wearers from the virus. He even pushed for double masking despite there being no evidence that it was effective. No matter what he said, science clearly wasn’t dictating his actions. Instead, he chose politicized science, pushing for universal vaccines, even for kids who are not at high risk from COVID. His universal vaccine approach led him to repeatedly move the goalposts on herd immunity. Yet he had the arrogance to claim that anyone criticizing him was dangerous because he represents “science.”


Fauci has also been a magnet for controversy. Over the past year and a half, we’ve learned that he lied about funding gain-of-function research in Wuhan or that he had been told COVID-19 was potentially engineered but insisted for over a year that it came from nature. Fauci did not shy away from the media even when we learned about his disgusting and medically unnecessary experiments on puppies.

So, why does Fauci finally have an exit strategy? It turns out Fauci is anticipating an onslaught of criticism from Republicans, who are widely expected to win back control of Congress in November, and will presumably launch a number of investigations.

“They’re going to try and come after me, anyway. I mean, probably less so if I’m not in the job,” he admitted to Politico, though he claimed that he didn’t “make that a consideration in my career decision.”

Given his record, there’s no reason to believe that.



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