We Now Know Who 'Pedo Peter' on Hunter Biden's iPad Is, and I Have Serious Questions

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Last weekend, anonymous 4chan users claimed to have cracked the password of Hunter Biden’s iCloud account and leaked data from his iPhone and iPad to the site. In addition to disturbing videos and chats that have since been leaked, it was revealed that Hunter Biden had tagged someone in his contact list with the name “Pedo Peter.”


At the time, it was not clear who “Pedo Peter” was, but that question has now been answered. Breitbart News has learned that Pedo Peter is the name assigned to his 17-year-old niece, Natalie Biden—the daughter of his late brother Beau, and of Hallie Biden, Beau’s widow, with whom Hunter had a romantic relationship after Beau’s passing.

So, yeah, I have some questions. Serious questions.

According to Breitbart News, “The ‘Pedo Peter’ phone number was previously thought to be from Hunter’s iPhone, but Breitbart News’s forensic analysis of Hunter’s digital footprint shows the contact alias is from Hunter’s iPad, which appears to belong to Joe Biden’s grandchild named Hunter. Joe Biden’s grandchild named Hunter is the son of Hallie.” It is not clear why Hunter’s nephew was using an iPad linked to the elder Hunter’s iCloud account.

It was previously speculated that  “Pedo Peter” was either Joe Biden or Hunter Biden. It had been previously reported that Joe Biden wrote to several people close to him via email, including his son Hunter, using the pseudonym “Peter Henderson,” in reference to a fictional Soviet Union-era spy who infiltrated the U.S. government in several Tom Clancy novels. Biden’s history of creepy, pervy behavior with young girls and reports that his daughter Ashley’s diary revealed that he used to take inappropriate showers with her as a child, also gave credence to this theory.


This new development raises all sorts of questions. Why was 17-year-old Natalie listed as “Pedo Peter” on the iCloud account? Hunter Biden had a two-year relationship with Hallie, and likely spent a significant amount of time with her kids. There are several photos that have been shared on Twitter, reportedly from Hunter Biden’s iPad, of Natalie Biden allegedly taking drugs, sleeping in Hunter’s bed, and even being really inappropriate on a couch. I won’t share them here, but they’re out there. As I said, I have some serious questions.


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