NPR Goes Full Groomer, Promotes ‘Queer’ Sex Education

(Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune via AP File)

On Independence Day, taxpayer-funded National Public Radio (NPR) broadcasted a segment about “queer” sex education, which, among other things, denounced the “terrible lie” that STDs make one “dirty.”


The segment, titled, “The importance of inclusion in sex education,” was part of NPR’s Life Kit series and was connected to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law.

“More than a dozen states have proposed similar bills,” the NPR host said. “This could affect what students are taught in sex education. For NPR’s Life Kit, Lilly Quiroz explains the basics of queer sex education.”

Quiroz interviewed a so-called “sexuality educator” named Milena Gioconda Davis.

“One of the awesome opportunities about being a queer person is that we may not be as entrenched in some of the gender narratives and roles that can be kind of prescriptive around sexuality,” Davis said. “So I think it can be a really amazing opportunity for us to explore our sexuality outside of those norms and patterns.”

And, you know, groom kids.

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You know, I’m old enough to remember when the biggest issue with NPR was that it had a liberal slant in its reporting despite being a taxpayer-funded organization. Now, it’s promoting “queer” sex education and advocating the grooming of children. In addition to promoting “queer” sex and masturbation, Davis sought to downplay the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases.


“I think the biggest thing is that STIs make you dirty, which is just a terrible lie,” Davis said. “And also, I think the other one is, like, if you get an STI, your sex life is over. Like, no – most STIs are curable or treatable, and it doesn’t have to be, like, this mark of shame.”

So this is the next frontier of LGBTQ groomers, downplaying sexually transmitted diseases? How is it possible that these perverts openly promote these ideas with impunity?


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