LOL: Chris Wallace Realizes He Made a Horrible Mistake by Going to CNN

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In December, Chris Wallace announced that he was leaving Fox News after spending 18 years with the network. It was later revealed that Wallace would be going over to CNN, where he would host a new show on the network’s forthcoming paid streaming service CNN+. But Wallace’s announcement came as CNN went through some significant problems, including the firing of anchor Chris Cuomo for violating CNN’s mythical journalistic standards. The humiliated Cuomo chose not to go down quietly. In February, CNN President Jeff Zucker suddenly resigned over an undisclosed relationship with CNN executive vice president and chief marketing officer Allison Gollust. It turns out that Cuomo blew the whistle on that relationship.


CNN appeared to be unraveling on the cusp of Wallace’s new venture, and the anchor was reportedly not happy about it. And now, according to a report from Jon Nicosia, the former managing editor of Mediaite and president of News Cycle Media, Wallace is having “daily tantrums” over the “miserable launch” of CNN+ and is threatening to walk if he doesn’t get his own show on CNN.

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Nicosia reports that sources say Wallace is “telling anyone that will listen he wants Cuomo’s old time slot.”

Recent reports indicate that fewer than 10,000 people have been using CNN+ daily since its launch on March 29, so Wallace certainly has every reason to want to ditch the subscription streamer. But even if he gets his show on the actual CNN station, that still trails both Fox News and MSNBC in total viewers.


Wallace may not have been a great fit at Fox News anymore, but he made a terrible career move by going to an imploding network.


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