LOL! Beto Doesn't Want Biden Anywhere Near Texas During Campaign

AP Photo/Andres Leighton

Beto O’Rourke, who has nothing better to do than run another pointless statewide campaign in Texas, doesn’t want any help from Joe Biden or any other Democrat in Washington.


“I’m not interested in any national politician — anyone outside of Texas — coming into this state to help decide the outcome of this,” O’Rourke told reporters on Friday. “I think we all want to make sure that we’re working with, listening to and voting with one another here in Texas.”

It’s cute the way Beto makes it out like he doesn’t want Texas outsiders to help his campaign instead of simply wanting the unpopular Joe Biden to not make his inevitable defeat any more embarrassing than it needs to be.

Beto previously ran for U.S. Senate against Ted Cruz in 2018. Beto also ran for president in 2020, and that didn’t go any better.

“No one in Washington D.C. right now can help us with the challenges that we have,” Beto added. “This one is on all of us.”

The most recent Quinnipiac poll has incumbent Governor Greg Abbott (R-Tex.) up 15 points over Beto.


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