Can Anyone Explain Why Biden Keeps Doing This?

Drew Angerer/Pool via AP

It’s almost painful to watch a Biden press conference. He repeatedly loses his train of thought, and you are left feeling almost sorry for him and the people who have to go on television and pretend that he did a good job and nothing went wrong.


But aside from Biden’s brain malfunctions during his public appearances, he’s also got a very bizarre habit that defies any logic, and he did it during his press conference Wednesday.

When asked about closing schools Biden replied, “First of all, I’d put in perspective the question you asked,” and then he leaned into the microphone and shout-whispered, “Very few schools are closing. Over 95% are still open.”

This is hardly the first time Biden has done this either. One example is from last year during remarks about the bipartisan infrastructure deal in June when he went full Creepy Joe several times.

Has no one in the White House told him how ridiculous he looks when he does this?


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