Guess Who Is More Popular Than Joe Biden?

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Joe Biden began his presidency with a respectable approval rating and the goodwill of Americans who believed him when he said he would bring the nation together, and that his competent leadership would “shut down the virus.”


And then Biden squandered that goodwill by being just another incompetent radical leftist president. Since late August, his poll numbers have been underwater, and they’ve not recovered.

But just how bad is it for Biden? His approval ratings are worse than Donald Trump’s.

Joe Biden’s current RealClearPolitics average approval is -12.4.

Donald Trump’s current RealClearPolitics average approval is -10.6.

It’s hard not to laugh.

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Sure, Trump’s numbers are also underwater, but Trump’s approval ratings have always been underwater — so much so that many believe pollsters aren’t properly capturing Trump’s support in their surveys. His RCP average on his first full day in office was -8.1, so there’s likely some truth to that. Joe Biden, however, took office with an RCP average of +19.5, and now his average is worse than Trump’s.

Congratulations, Joe.


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