Build Back Better Gets Memory-Holed by Democrats Running for Reelection

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

The left wants you to believe that Joe Biden has a tremendous economic record and popular agenda. In fact, Nancy Pelosi thinks Democrats aren’t bragging enough about it.

“We have to [brag] in a more forceful way, in a more unified way,” Pelosi told Democrat donors in a leaked call on Monday. “Under his leadership, President Biden has already produced 6 million jobs,” she said. “His predecessor was producing 30,000 jobs a month, he’s [Biden] already produced 6 million jobs with his initiatives,” Pelosi claimed in a blatantly false attempt to link the reopening of the economy after the COVID shutdowns ended with jobs created by Biden’s policies.

“So this is transformative. But people tell me, don’t use the word transformative. Just say it lowers costs. It lowers costs for health care whether it’s home health care — costs for families across America, it lowers cost of child care, it enables so much more to happen. So we’re very, very proud of the legislation. Now we just have to get it passed,” Pelosi added.

If Build Back Better were popular, it would have passed by now. Democrats have majorities in both the House and Senate. Yet moderate Democrats like Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) haven’t gotten on board because of its extremely high price tag.

But that has never stopped the Biden administration from claiming that Build Back Better is popular. In fact, Jen Psaki claimed that Biden’s Build Back Better plan was supported by 80% of voters.

“Included in these packages that the President is fighting to move forward on with leadership, we are working to lower the excruciatingly high cost of prescription drugs, which, by the way, over 80 percent of the American public supports,” Psaki said back in September. “We’re also working to make historic investments in crumbling roads and bridges, which over 80 percent of Americans support.”

One can only wonder where she pulled that figure out because polling showed something completely different. When Psaki was claiming such high support for BBB, an Emerson poll found that only 34% of voters thought it would positively impact their lives.

Even when the enormous price tag was slashed, it didn’t help. An NPR/Marist poll last month found only 41% of voters supported it. Not even the support of nearly three-quarters of Democrats could get Build Back Better to have majority support.

But perhaps the most telling indicator that Build Back Better is not popular is that Nancy Pelosi has instructed Democrats to promote Biden’s plan to their constituents… and those running in tough elections aren’t listening to her.

As the Daily Wire reported Saturday, “five Democratic House challengers have been noticeably mum about their position on BBB, failing to publicly tout Biden’s top legislative priority, with no mentions of it on their otherwise active social media sites.”

Even Democrats in safe seats aren’t exactly giving it their all in promoting the plan.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle with Democrats being reluctant to tout Build Back Better is not the price tag or the policy proposals, but because supporting the plan means supporting Joe Biden, who has been underwater in the polls since late August.

Still, pretending they are not aiding and abetting his agenda won’t save their party from being destroyed in the upcoming midterms.



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