Oops, I Bet Biden Wishes He Could Delete This Tweet

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

In the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, President Trump received a lot of flak for the apparent lack of COVID tests that were available.

Joe Biden, who promised he would “shut down the virus,” naturally joined in the criticism. In May of 2020, he rhetorically asked, “Where are the tests, Mr. President?”


But now Biden is in charge, and we have an actual shortage of tests. In fact, Biden had an opportunity to order enough tests months ago and failed to do that.

Now, a part of me believes this was intentional, as a test shortage means fewer COVID cases are being identified, which means the already skyrocketing number of cases won’t tell the full damning picture of Biden’s failure to “shut down the virus.” Even the CDC is trying to downplay the need for testing.

But Biden’s tweet also aged well, if you like irony. Where are the tests, Mr. President, indeed?

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Of course, now that he’s president, he doesn’t see his failure to have enough tests on hand as a failure.


“I don’t think it’s a failure,” Biden said. “I think it’s — you could argue that we should have known a year ago, six months ago, two months ago, a month ago. I’ve ordered half a billion on the pills [sic], 500 million pills [sic]. Excuse me, 500 million test kits that are going to be available to be sent to every home in America if anybody wants them. But the answer is, yeah, I wish I had thought about ordering half a billion pills [sic] two months ago before COVID hit here.”

It’s funny how standards change once you’re in charge.


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