Psaki Blames Americans for Biden’s Broken Promise to ‘Shut Down the Virus'

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Joe Biden repeatedly promised that, if elected, he’d “shut down the virus.” His rhetoric on COVID suggested that Trump was to blame for the pandemic’s trajectory and that if he were in the Oval Office, things would be different.


Well, it’s not. COVID is still here, despite three vaccines, and the administration is getting called out for it.

“To the questions from earlier about messaging, whatever happened to President Biden’s promise to shut down the virus?” Peter Doocy of Fox News asked White House press secretary Jen Psaki during Wednesday’s press briefing. “There’s another variant here. Is the idea that you want people now to kind of wrap their heads around that the President, instead of shutting down the virus, is going to try to help people live amidst the virus and go about their lives but COVID is going to be here?”

“Well, Peter, what’s very important for people to understand and all of you are communicating to the public about what steps they can take to go back to normal or go back to normal life — something everybody wants to do,” Psaki replied. “We’re all sick and tired of this virus, but we need approximately 20 percent of the population or more people than are currently vaccinated to go get vaccinated and go get boosted.”


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But, that’s not what Biden said on the campaign trail. He said he would shut down the virus.

So we went from Biden will “shut down the virus” to blaming the unvaccinated for Biden’s failure to do so. Never mind the fact that Vermont, which has the highest vaccination rate in the nation, also has record-breaking COVID numbers. The Biden administration insists that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated, but it’s not.


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