Audit Claims Wisconsin May Have Counted Enough Illegal Votes to Flip State to Biden

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The Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau’s report on the 2020 presidential election has been released. The audit found that election officials deliberately violated state law and potentially counted enough illegal votes to give Biden his victory in the state in 2020.


Biden’s state-certified margin of victory in Wisconsin was 20,682 votes. The audit found that there were tens of thousands of illegal votes that should not have been counted in the election. According to Dan O’Donnell of The Federalist, the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) and the officials who oversee it “were downright derelict in their duty to fairly and impartially supervise an election run by city and county clerks and poll workers who were not properly trained and did not receive accurate, lawful guidance.”

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The audit determined that more than 7 percent of absentee ballots reviewed by the audit had incomplete or missing witness information, a missing witness signature, or a missing voting signature.

Based on this figure, O’Donnell notes, “it may be reasonably estimated that across the state 135,512 absentee ballot certificates only had a partial witness address, 2,002 did not have a witness address at all, 1,068 did not have a witness signature, and 401 did not have a voter signature,” and therefore should not have been counted.


Ballots that do not have complete voter and witness names, addresses, and signatures on their certificates “may not be counted” and “may not be included in the certified result of any election,” according to Wisconsin Statute 6.84(2). Seeing as 58 percent of Biden voters in the state cast absentee ballots, compared to 40 percent of Trump voters, “a rough estimate indicates many more Biden votes than Trump votes should legally not have been counted.”

That’s a potentially results-changing problem, given that it’s more than 6.5 times Biden’s state-certified margin of victory.

“Even if you include Wisconsin’s 0.2 percent rejection rate for absentee ballots in 2020, all this is easily enough to put Biden’s lead well within a few-hundred-vote margin (we can only be approximate as we know the national but not Wisconsin portion of voting that was absentee),” says O’Donnell. “That margin flips narrowly depending on how many voters for each candidate actually voted absentee, the actual numbers of legally inadmissible ballots counted, and the ballot rejection rate.”


Other issues were noted as well, including non-matching names that were never investigated, evidence of double voting, and other violations.

“The Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC), the governmental body tasked with administering elections in Wisconsin, is comprised of six appointed commissioners, three from each political party, and a staff that reports to them,” writes O’Donnell. “Critically, if the commissioners deadlock on an issue before them, no official action is taken and local authorities are left to interpret the recommendations of WEC’s staff.”


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