EPIC: GOP Congressman Wears 'Let's Go Brandon' Face Mask in House Chamber

(AP Photo/Rainier Ehrhardt, File)

As much as I disagree with mask mandates, even the mandate for wearing them on the House floor, Congressman Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.) made an epic choice for a mask Monday night, donning a red mask that read “Let’s Go Brandon.”


I hardly ever wear a mask anymore, but I kind of want one of those.

Duncan’s epic mask comes on the heels of Rep. Bill Posey (F-Fla.) concluding remarks he made on the House floor with “Let’s go, Brandon,” last week.

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MSNBC’s Jake Sherman also tweeted about the mask Duncan wore Monday, prompting Duncan to respond with a face mask-wearing emoji.

Others in the liberal media, who normally attack Republicans for not wearing masks, suddenly decided Duncan’s mask was inappropriate:


Similarly, the party that is more than willing to expose children to sexually graphic materials in the name of sex positivity and transgender rights, feigned outrage over the “vulgar” slogan on the mask.

β€œNot only does Jeff Duncan not deliver for the people of the third district β€” I cannot think of a thing he has truly done β€” he now sports a vulgar slogan on his mask and walks off the floor!” said Jody Gaulin, the chairwoman of the Oconee County, South Carolina Democratic Party.

Cry me a river.


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