Will the Biden Administration Vaccinate Kids Without Parental Consent?

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Joe Biden wants you to vaccinate your kids from COVID. Just how desperate is he to make sure it happens?

Well, for starters, even though the FDA hasn’t approved the COVID vaccine for kids yet, he’s already purchased enough vaccine doses to get all American kids ages 5 to 11 vaccinated.

According to Biden, “families will be able to sleep easier at night knowing their kids are protected” from COVID.

But according to the data, kids are already protected from COVID just by being kids. Moreover, unvaccinated kids are better protected from COVID than vaccinated adults, yet Biden has taken various preemptive steps to get all kids vaccinated. Why? Last month, Biden suffered the embarrassing setback of the FDA rejecting Pfizer’s universal boosters, citing an increased risk of heart inflammation for young males from the vaccine. How many parents of young boys want to put them at risk of severe heart inflammation? If the FDA couldn’t ignore the correlation, why is Biden still pushing for mass vaccination of kids?

Has he even considered how many parents would even want to get their kids vaccinated? Most parents I’ve talked to have said they wouldn’t. As unscientific as that survey may be, I do not doubt that a significant percentage of parents won’t get their kids vaccinated from COVID. They’ve had their kids vaccinated against other diseases, so they’re not anti-vaxxers by any means. They just understand that kids are overwhelmingly safe from COVID, and it’s not worth giving them a new vaccine when we can’t assess the long-term effects yet.

Does that matter to the Biden administration? It doesn’t seem so. And, given the steps he’s already taken, I’m greatly concerned about just how far he’s willing to take his vaccination initiative. He’s already announced a vaccine mandate for private employees of companies with 100 or more people. Would he usurp parental rights to get as many kids vaccinated as possible?

It sounds absurd… at first, but Biden already has a plan to get kids vaccinated, which promises to “mobilize a comprehensive effort across the public and private sectors to ensure that we have the supply, the sites, and the support needed to get our nation’s children vaccinated and protected against the virus.”

According to the plan, the Department of Health and Human Services will “conduct a national public education campaign to reach parents and guardians with accurate and culturally responsive information about the vaccine and the risks that COVID-19 poses to children.” The Biden administration is also partnering with over a hundred children’s hospital systems nationwide “to set up vaccination sites in November and through the end of the calendar year.” The Biden administration also plans to “work with states and local partners to make vaccination sites available at schools and other trusted community-based sites across the country.”

At schools? Well, that’s interesting. Do you know who typically doesn’t spend all day in schools? Parents.

This concerns me.

Let’s not forget that teachers’ unions have successfully pressured the Biden administration to mandate masks in schools. Public schools have given us little reason to have faith that they will respect parental rights. Make no mistake about it: Democrats have been enemies of parental rights for years. Just last month, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed two bills into law that allow minors to hide abortions and transgender therapies or surgeries from their parents. School districts across the country have been hiding information about gender-transitioning children from parents. Can we trust our schools not to vaccinate kids against the wishes of parents?

I hate to say it, but the answer is no.


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