Biden Has Failed to Improve Vaccination Rates. Here's the Proof.

AP Photo/Marta Lavandier

On Thursday, the White House posted a graphic on Facebook declaring, “The vaccine requirements put in place by President Biden are working. The number of eligible unvaccinated adults has decreased since the President announced his rules and continues to drop.”


The announcement and graphic imply that Biden’s policies have driven the vaccination rates up. If true, Biden should be celebrated for this. Heck, let’s erect a statue in his honor.

You’ll notice the graphic compares the number of eligible unvaccinated adults today (67 million) to the number of unvaccinated adults before Biden announced vaccine requirements in July (95 million). Why July? Biden did announce new “incentives” to get people vaccinated in July, but that was more than two months before he announced the vaccine mandate—the most controversial policy in his failed effort to get COVID-19 under control.

In truth, it doesn’t matter. Nothing Biden has done actually had a positive impact on vaccination rates. He’s hurt them for sure. As I’ve pointed out in the past, his decision to pause the Johnson & Johnson vaccine over a one-in-a-million chance of severe blood clots severely damaged trust in all of the COVID vaccines, causing vaccination rates to plummet—and they have yet to recover.

But the White House is pulling a fast one by suggesting Biden has done anything to increase vaccination rates.

But there is no evidence that anything Biden has done has helped. His announcement on July 29 occurred while vaccinations were already trending upward again. Vaccinations were declining when he announced the mandate. Still, vaccinations didn’t start trending upward again until the end of September, but Biden can’t even claim credit for a reduction in the number of unvaccinated adults. The graphs below show that the recent increase in vaccinations appears to be entirely driven by booster shots, not new vaccinations.


So Joe Biden can’t claim that his policies are working to increase vaccinations. People are getting vaccinated, yes. But there’s zero evidence that anything Biden’s done or said has reduced the number of unvaccinated Americans.

None at all.


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