Can We Talk About How Safe Our Kids Are From COVID?

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

As a parent, it is a win just to have in-person schooling again. Of course, masks are required. As much I wasn’t happy about that, it was preferable to distance learning, which we had to deal with for most of the second half of the 2019-2020 school year. As most parents figured out, that doesn’t work very well.

Much of the debate over how to handle schools during the pandemic has been framed around the alleged safety of kids, though that hasn’t actually dictated policy. This summer, the CDC recommended that in schools “masks should be worn indoors by all individuals [age 2 and older] who are not fully vaccinated.” This meant that every kid in elementary and middle school would have to be masked. For what?  This guidance came after we learned that Dr. Anthony Fauci had acknowledged early on in the pandemic that masks don’t keep out the virus—which was confirmed by a CDC study showing no difference in infection rates between schools with and without mask mandates. Another problem is that kids’ masks are really gross and collect an alarming number of other dangerous pathogens.  On top of all this, school-age children have a COVID recovery rate of 99.997%—better than their mortality risk from the seasonal flu.

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That’s right. COVID is less deadly to our kids than the seasonal flu. Wo why are they being masked? Are we masking our kids to protect them from the flu? No, of course not. Maybe we don’t know the actual numbers

Further, a recent study from the UK found that unvaccinated children are safer from COVID than even vaccinated adults of any age.

“According to that data, an unvaccinated 10-year-old, who may look like the very picture of COVID vulnerability heading into the school year, faces a lower mortality risk than a vaccinated 25-year-old, whom we might today regard as close to safe as can be,” notes David Wallace-Wells of New York Magazine. “In England, the incidence of hospitalization among unvaccinated kids was lower than that of those vaccinated aged 18-29, and in recent weeks, the hospitalization rate among kids ages 5 to 14 has been only about one per 100,000.”

“To put it more bluntly,” he continued, “in assessing an individual’s risk of dying from covid, age appears still as important—and maybe even more important—than vaccination status.”

And guess what? We know what the risks are by age.

From the above chart, we can see how COVID clearly affects adults far more significantly than kids. This difference is so significant that unvaccinated kids have better protection from COVID than vaccinated adults, which really puts into perspective just how crazy and unnecessary the CDC’s recommendations for schools really are. Kids don’t need to wear masks, or even get vaccinated. We shouldn’t be punishing our kids because school boards want to give the appearance of being proactive when masking kids and keeping them separated are doing massive social and psychological damage.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is talking about a vaccination rate as high as 98 percent before things can return to normal. Not only is that unrealistic, but it’s unnecessary. Kids don’t need to be vaccinated against COVID, and it’s too early to know what the longterm impact of these vaccines is to risk vaccinating kids against a disease that largely ignores them.


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