How Many Democrats Approve of Biden's Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal?

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Well, Biden’s found his base.

A new poll from the Washington Post and ABC News confirms something we’ve known for a while: that Americans overwhelmingly wanted us to get out of Afghanistan, but also overwhelmingly disapproved of how Joe Biden handled the evacuation, which ultimately led to the deaths of 13 U.S. service members.


Joe Biden’s approval ratings have taken a huge hit because of his incompetence. In both the RealClearPolitics poll average and the FiveThirtyEight weighted poll average, Joe Biden is underwater. Still, this new WaPo/ABC News shows just how much his base is propping him up.

While overall, U.S. adults supported withdrawal, 52 percent disapproved of how Biden handled it, and only 26 percent approved. But, a stunning 52 percent of Democrats said they approved of how Joe Biden handled the withdrawal.

Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was so bad that it was widely panned in the media. Even CNN’s Jake Tapper blasted Biden for how it turned out and for pointing fingers at anyone but himself for how it went down. Others in the liberal media similarly piled on, apparently unable to spin the withdrawal as having gone well. But, while there have been some who have tried to spread the blame around to include Trump, and even a few who argue that Biden has done well, there’s been a shocking shift in attitude toward Biden for the repeated mistakes made in Afghanistan, be it evacuating the military before civilians, leaving U.S. military equipment, weapons and aircraft behind, not prioritizing American citizens in the withdrawal, and, of course, leaving American citizens behind.


It’s hard to imagine anyone seeing what happened in Afghanistan and thinking Joe Biden did a good job. Even stalwart Never Trumpers have come out regretting their support of Biden, but roughly half of Democrats are telling themselves that Biden did a good job. These are his base voters—the die-hard liberals who will never turn on him, no matter what.


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