CNN's Don Lemon Tells Unvaccinated Not to Go to the Hospital if They're Sick

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Most liberals would argue that access to health care is a right. This argument is made to justify various government takeovers of the healthcare industry (Obamacare, etc.) and has, for some time, seemed like an absolute.


Can’t afford health care? You shouldn’t have to pay for it, because it’s a right!

Want to transition to a different gender—it doesn’t matter which of the 72+ there are—you shouldn’t have to pay for that, because it’s a right!

Need an abortion? Even though it’s not actually health care, you shouldn’t have to pay for that either, because it’s a right!

Access to birth control? Even if you’re opposed to it, you must offer a plan that covers it, because it’s a right!

But if you haven’t been vaccinated for COVID yet, then you aren’t entitled to life-saving health care… at least according to CNN’s Don Lemon.

“If you’re not going to get vaccinated, you don’t want to social distance, you don’t want to wear a mask, then maybe you don’t want to go to the hospital when you get sick,” Lemon told CNN comrade Chris Cuomo on Tuesday night’s episode of “Don Lemon Tonight.”

“I know that sounds harsh,” Lemon continued, “but you’re taking up the space for people who are doing things the right way.”


I wonder what Lemon thinks about lifetime smokers. Should they be denied health care because they chose a lifestyle that was unhealthy? How about the morbidly obese? Drug users? Daredevils and stuntmen who get hurt? Should drunk drivers be forced to give up their health care because they chose to drink and drive? Should elderly people be de-prioritized because they’ve already lived long enough?  Seriously, these are questions that we need to ask of Lemon, because apparently Americans don’t have an equal right to health care–and we ought to know where the line is.

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