FLASHBACK: Joe Biden Said ‘No One’s Being Killed’ in Afghanistan

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Back in July, Joe Biden infamously predicted “There’s going to be no circumstance where you see people lifted off the roof of an Embassy of the United States of America from Afghanistan.” Just over a month later, exactly that happened as the Taliban took over the country.

And things just got worse and worse.

For some time now, the Biden administration has been trying to create the narrative of a successful evacuation operation—an operation Joe Biden didn’t even want to do—by touting questionable numbers of successful evacuees, and the lack of fatalities.

“Top Biden officials and administration allies have begun aggressively touting the success of their evacuation efforts in the war-torn country, offering frequent updates on the number of evacuees. They’ve framed the operation as historic — in line with the Berlin airlift — declared that they’re ‘over performing’ their own metrics, and trumpeted the president as ‘defying expectations,’” Politico reported Wednesday. “It’s a startling 180 from the defensive crouch Biden and his team occupied just days ago, one that reflects the sense of combativeness that has emerged in the West Wing as they sort through the first major, sustained crisis of the administration. And while it’s sparked accusations that the president’s team is trying to divert attention away from a crisis of its own creation, Biden’s defenders stress that, for now at least, he deserves to crow.”

Just over a week ago, Biden, during his trainwreck interview with George Stephanopoulus on ABC, specifically used the lack of fatalities as proof of the success of the operation.

“We have control of the airport now,” Biden told Stephanopoulus.

“Still,” Stephanopoulos began, “A lotta pandemonium outside the airport,”

“Oh, there is,” Biden conceded. “But, look, b—but no one’s being killed right now, God forgive me if I’m wrong about that, but no one’s being killed right now. People are– we got 1,000-somewhat, 1,200 out, yesterday, a couple thousand today. And it’s increasing. We’re gonna get those people out.”

Even then, Biden was lying. Just days earlier, seven civilians died at Hamid Karzai International Airport (HKIA) in Kabul, Afghanistan, including those seen falling from American jets after desperately clinging to them in the hopes of escape.

Biden also assured Stephanopoulos that the Taliban was providing “safe passage for Americans to get out.”

On Thursday morning terror attacks at the airport, which the Pentagon has since confirmed, “resulted in a number of US & civilian casualties.”

A second blast was later reported, and it is highly likely numbers of casualties and fatalities will go up in the coming hours.

Lt. Gen. (ret.) H.R. McMaster blames the perceived weakness of American leadership for the attacks. “I think what we have done is we have exuded extraordinary weakness and weakness invites these kinds of attacks,” McMaster said on CNN.

So, what’s going on with Joe Biden? According to reports, he was “reluctant to deploy US forces outside the Kabul airport perimeter over fears of a Black Hawk Down-style tragedy.” His delay in rescuing Americans may now create a tragedy far bigger than the 1993 Black Hawk Down debacle.

The afternoon before the terror attacks at Hamid Karzai International Airport, Joe Biden jokingly responded to a question from NBC’s Peter Alexander about what he would do if there are Americans still in Afghanistan after the August 31st deadline.

“You’ll be the first person I call,” Biden quipped.

At the very least, U.S. personnel and civilians have been injured, some may have been killed. Is Joe Biden going to crack more jokes now, or will he start taking this situation seriously?


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