Jenna Ellis Calls Out RNC for Abandoning Trump Camp After Election

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A forthcoming book from Michael Wolff says that last November, Republican National Committee (RNC) chief counsel Justin Riemer emailed Trump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis, questioning Trump’s election fraud claims.


According to a report from Business Insider, which obtained an early copy of the book, “Riemer reportedly wrote to his RNC colleagues asking why they were backing Trump’s unfounded claims of election fraud, while also expressing that the organization raised more cash battling Democrats than challenging election results.”

When Ellis received the email, she was having dinner with Rudy Giuliani and former New York City police commissioner Bernie Kerik. They all viewed the message and were stunned by it.

Giuliani, who was Trump’s personal lawyer at the time, was incensed by Riemer’s email, according to the book.

“Can you f–king believe this,” he said. “They are backdooring us … doing everything in their power not to help us.”

Kerik reportedly said that the note was akin to saying “f— Trump” and “f— Giuliani.”

Wolff goes on to describe how Giuliani angrily called Riemer and threatened his job at the RNC.

“The mayor, sitting in the restaurant but in full battle mode (and with a few drinks in him), damn well got Riemer himself on the phone: ‘Who the f— do you you think you are? How can you be going against the president? … You need to resign and resign tonight … because you are going to get fired,'” the book said.

Giuliani then reportedly called RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel to ensure that the personnel change was carried out.

Riemer was never fired. He still serves in that position today.


An RNC spokesperson denied the report. “As is typical with most things Michael Wolff writes, this story is simply false,” the statement said. “The RNC legal team fought tooth and nail on election integrity efforts for the entirety of 2020, and that continues today.”

However, Jenna Ellis confirmed the story was true on Twitter and accused the RNC of lying. “This report is true,” she said. Then she called out RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel specifically. “You know I have the receipts,” Ellis said. “Why is the RNC lying and saying it’s false?”

Bernard Kerik also confirmed the story.

Soon after Ellis publicly confirmed the story and accused the RNC of lying, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel blocked Ellis. “I guess she doesn’t want to be confronted about the RNC lying,” Ellis tweeted, adding the hashtag #RonnaMustGo.


By Sunday night, “Ronna” was trending on Twitter.

We’ve recently learned about potentially results-changing irregularities in Georgia and Arizona, and a forensic audit was just initiated in Pennsylvania. If it is determined that Trump won Georgia and Arizona, and the forensic audit in Pennsylvania uncovers results-changing fraud, that would mean Joe Biden was illegitimately elected president because Trump’s actual Electoral College vote total in 2020 would have been 279, to Joe Biden’s 259. This is why Joe Biden is rushing off to Pennsylvania on Tuesday—the legitimacy of his presidency is in jeopardy. Of course, even if results-changing fraud is determined to have occurred in all three states, this doesn’t mean that the 2020 election would be invalidated, allowing Trump to assume the presidency again. But it does tell us that the Republican National Committee failed us by not supporting efforts to uncover this fraud before the counting and certification of the Electoral College vote.


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