New Revelations Prove Why The Maricopa County Election Audit Was Needed

(AP Photo/Matt York)

Ken Bennett, the former Arizona Republican secretary of state and Arizona Senate liaison for the Maricopa County election audit, says there are more the 33,000 ballots from the presidential election where votes for president were not detected by the voting machines.

“There were over 33,000 undervotes,” Bennett told The Western Journal. “There may be, you know, a certain number of people that didn’t want to vote for [Democrat Joe] Biden or [Republican Donald] Trump or [Libertarian Jo] Jorgensen or anyone else, so they may, in fact, be undervotes.”

“But if someone circled their oval or made a check next to it or did something other than get pixels of blackness inside the oval, almost one percent of the 3.4 million people that voted in Arizona, the machines did not record any vote for president,” he added.

According to state-certified results, Biden barely won Arizona with a 10,457-vote margin. Mathematically speaking, it is possible for Trump to net enough votes to win the state from these undervotes alone—before accounting for any other irregularities that the auditors may find.

“If we find some people that circled their oval or made a checkmark next to it, not every one of those is probably going to be for Trump or not every one is going to be for Biden,” Bennett said. “So will it make a difference in the outcome? Maybe, maybe not.”

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this is that the Maricopa County recorder’s office only recorded 8,475 undervotes within its jurisdiction—less than Biden’s certified margin of victory. Maricopa County was also the county in the state that flipped from red to blue from 2016 to 2020.

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This information alone justifies the audit in Maricopa County, does it not?

“But when you’ve got a race that was … literally, as far as the percentage, two out of 800 is the same exact percentage as the margin of victory, which was 10,000 to 3.4 million,” it deserves close scrutiny, Bennett argued.

It’s impossible to objectively disagree. Win or lose, elections should be fair. But Democrats only think fair elections happen when they win.

“If we find that the election was run very smoothly and complied with all of the rules and requirements in state law, then good for Arizona. We win,” Bennett said. “But if we find other things that are weaknesses and need to be improved before the next election in 2022 or the presidential in 2024, then we get those things fixed, and we win there too.”

Obviously, Democrats don’t see it that way. Why? Because they know that if this audit proves Trump is the legitimate winner, it casts significant doubt about Biden’s victory in other battleground states with alleged fraud. If that happens, Biden’s entire presidency will be illegitimate–and everyone will know it.


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