He's a Racist Just Like His Dad? Hunter Biden's Shocking, Racist Text Messages Exposed

AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

Hunter Biden used the n-word several times in text message conversations with his lawyer, according to the Daily Mail, which has reviewed the text messages that were discovered on his laptop.


The shocking text messages come in the wake of Joe Biden’s speech on the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa massacre, during which he vowed to end systemic racism.

According to the report, Hunter “joked in a January 2019 text to corporate attorney George Mesires about a ‘big penis’, and said to the lawyer: ‘I only love you because you’re black’ and ‘true dat n***a’.”

George Mesires, Hunter’s lawyer, is white.

In another text, Hunter tells Mesires, “how much money do I owe you. Becaause (sic) n***a you better not be charging me Hennessy rates.”

“That made me snarf my coffee,” Mesires replied.

“That’s what im saying ni…” Hunter responded, leaving the racial slur only partially written.

After that, Hunter texted a photo to Mesires, which was not described by the Daily Mail.

“Why are you so tan?”

“I’m sorry for sexting you accidentally that was meant for another friend named Georgia,” Hunter replied.

I think we should be glad that photo was not shown.

Hunter Biden uses the same language in another exchange.

Mesires: ‘There are ideals of unconditional love that serve as proxies. I don’t have many. You. God,’

Hunter: ‘OMG n***a did you just a fictional character from the imagination of the collective frightened and my dead brothers unconditional love is what I should rely on and my kids aren’t children George.’

Mesires: ‘My parents love was conditioned.’

Hunter: ‘My penis as of late has been un conditional.’

Mesires: ‘That’s why we are searching.’

Hunter: ‘For my penis.’

Mesires: ‘And we will always be searching.’

Hunter: ‘Its big penis George. They always find it. And I only love you because you’re black.’

Mesires: ‘It’s so annoying when you interject with frivolity.’

Hunter: ‘True dat n***a. But I’m done my rant.’


I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Joe Biden made racist comments about black entrepreneurs earlier this month, and has a history of making racist comments.

The Daily Mail suggested that the “shocking texts may prove embarrassing for his father President Joe Biden, who just last week gave a speech decrying racism on the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa massacre, and has sought to portray racial justice as a top priority for his administration.”

That’s cute. Does anyone really believe the American mainstream media will give this story any attention?


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