CNN's Take on the Fauci Emails Is REALLY Disturbing...

AP Photo/Ron Harris

While most of us who have read the bombshell FOIA emails from Dr. Fauci believe they prove he wasn’t telling Americans the truth, the so-called journalists at CNN had a much different take on what the emails revealed.


“While many federal government staffers prefer the phone to email, this correspondence offers a rare glimpse into Fauci’s frantic schedule and polite, to-the-point demeanor during the time he emerged as a rare source of frank honesty within the Trump administration’s Covid-19 task force,” wrote Christina Maxouris and Paul LeBlanc of CNN.

“I honestly don’t know how CNN can crystallize those emails into this headline,” mused Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire. “We get it. You created a narrative of Trump as evil and Fauci as good, and now you have to stick with it. But your worship of a prevaricating career bureaucrat is unsettling.”

Amongst other things, the emails demonstrated that Fauci doubted the effectiveness of masks for healthy people, was aware of gain-of-function research abroad and the NIH’s possible connection to it, and that he was told by an NIH scientist that COVID-19 looked like it may have been engineered. These revelations contradict past public statements by Dr. Fauci—but to CNN, the email revealed a “rare source of frank honesty within the Trump administration.”


Where’s the honesty? Is Fauci being honest behind closed doors but lying to the American public the epitome of honesty to CNN? Or is CNN just desperately trying to protect the man they pitted against Trump during the pandemic, even though it’s becoming clearer by the day that Trump was the honest one of the two?


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