Twitter Suspends Spanish Politician for Tweeting 'A Man Cannot Get Pregnant'

(AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)

Francisco José Contreras, a politician in Spain, was temporarily suspended from Twitter last week after declaring that “a man cannot get pregnant” because he has “no uterus or eggs,” in response to an article he shared about a transgender “male” who gave birth.


“I’ve been blocked from Twitter for 12 hours for ‘hate speech'” Contreras announced on Facebook.

Twitter claims that Contreras broke their rules “banning hate speech behaviors.”

“No threatening, harassing or fostering violence against other people on the basis of their race, ethnic origin, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religion, age, disability or disease is permitted,” Twitter told him.

“We will not yield to Twitter imposing a twisted (and anthropologically wrong) worldview,” Contreras told LifeSite News. “We will continue to speak the truth about human nature. Biological truth should not be regarded as ‘hate speech.’ It’s biology, not bigotry.”

It’s time for big tech to “follow the science.” Human biology isn’t something that is superseded by personal feelings.



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