Of Course, CNN Is Defending Maxine Waters' Incitement of Violence

(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Frankly, I don’t know why Maxine Waters hasn’t been banned from social media and arrested for domestic terrorism. It’s hard to imagine anyone defending her recent remarks essentially calling for violence if Derek Chauvin isn’t found guilty of murdering George Floyd.


But, alas, CNN did just that.

“Certainly Waters should answer for her words when everyone is on edge. But the irony here is just so… the stench of it. Republicans like Kevin McCarthy, who has repeatedly given cover to other Republicans who have called in such explicit terms for violence. I’m thinking Marjorie Taylor Greene. I’m thinking Donald Trump. The irony here is thick,” claimed Brianna Keilar.

Guest Matthew Dowd agreed. “I actually just listened to Maxine Waters. We all have to be cognizant of what we say. I don’t think what she said in any way should, we should criticize her for. Of course, we should be more confrontational. That doesn’t mean we should be more violent. But I was thinking about this as I was listening—is Emmett Till was killed in 1955, an all-white jury found the people that did it innocent. Then Medgar Evers, Jimmie Lee Jackson, so many of these folks that were guilty of killings and civil rights were then let off,” Dowd said.

“And the only thing that led to the civil rights legislation to finally pass in 1965 was, you know, non-violent protests and so I think that’s where we’re going to end up today. The Republicans seem to me on the complete wrong side of history on this.”


It’s amusing that the same network that argued that President Trump incited violence on January 6 (despite explicitly calling for his supporters to march peacefully on the Capitol) make excuses for Waters, whose rhetoric is indefensible.

“I’m going to fight with all of the people who stand for justice. We’ve got to get justice in this country and we cannot allow these killings to continue,” Waters said. “We’ve got to stay on the street and we’ve got to get more active, we’ve got to get more confrontational. We’ve got to make sure that they know that we mean business.” Waters herself claimed Trump should be charged with premeditated murder for the events on the Capitol on January 6, despite not once ever calling for violence.


While Trump never called for violence, it’s hard to argue that Maxine Waters is not, especially given what fell under the umbrella of “peaceful protests” last year. By the left’s own standard in the wake of the January 6 Capitol riot, Waters was calling for violence. In fact, the day after her speech, two National Guardsmen in Minneapolis were shot at and injured while on duty.


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