[WATCH] Fauci Admits Biden Administration Is NOT Following Their Own COVID-19 Guidelines at Border

AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) got a stunning admission from Biden’s chief medical adviser, Dr. Anthony Fauci, on Thursday, by showing him photos of the crowded conditions at the southern border taken during his recent trip there, and asking if they were following the Biden administration’s own COVID-19 guidelines.


“Dr. Fauci, does this look like social distancing to you—that you require when you talk about six feet?” Scalise asked, holding up photos from one of the Biden administration’s border facilities.

“No,” Fauci replied.

“So in these cells, as you just said, they’re violating the very guidance that you tell Americans to follow. A restaurant in the United States would be shut down today if they were being run like this. Yet, the federal government—the Biden administration—is running this facility. You can see all of these young children who are next to each other, six inches apart, many without masks, by the way. Does that follow your guidance that you’ve issued?”

“No,” Fauci admitted again.

“Well, then why wouldn’t the Biden administration not go and stop this? I think one of the reasons is that President Biden and Vice President Harris won’t even go see this for themselves. This is why I keep urging strongly that they go to the border. I’d love for you all to go to the border to see this so you can at least give a recommendation. They’re violating every guidance that Americans are required to follow.”


Good work, Rep. Scalise.


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