Amb. Taylor's Awkward Silence in Response to a Question About Hunter Biden Was Very Telling

(Screenshot via Twitter)

During Wednesday’s impeachment hearings, Steve Castor, House Intelligence Committee counsel for the minority, asked Ambassador Taylor a rather simple question about Hunter Biden and his position at Burisma, that he couldn’t (or perhaps refused) to answer, resulting in perhaps the most awkward silence I’ve ever seen in such a hearing.


CASTOR: Ambassador Taylor, do you know whether Hunter Biden offers anything other than the fact that his dad’s the former vice president

AMB. TAYLOR: I don’t—

CASTOR: Or at the time was the vice president.

AMB. TAYLOR: I have no knowledge of Hunter Biden—

CASTOR: But you agree it raises questions?

AMB. TAYLOR: (five seconds of silence)

Here’s video of the exchange.

Ambassador Taylor is a key witness, a star witness, if you will, of House Democrats, whose testimony is based not on direct knowledge, but on hearsay. Yet, he couldn’t admit that Hunter Biden being given a position on the board of Burisma (despite no relevant experience, familiarity with the language, and not having anything to offer besides being the son of the vice president) raised serious, legitimate questions is astounding.


Ambassador Taylor knows the answer, he just couldn’t say so because to do so would undermine the very reason this impeachment inquiry is even happening. To admit that Hunter Biden’s appointment to the board of Burisma raised questions would justify Trump’s belief that an investigation was necessary, and negate this entire sham impeachment.


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