27-Year Old Conservative Challenges Republican Congressman in NC-07

Photo courtesy of Pete D'Abrosca

Earlier this week, conservative reporter, author, and commentator Pete D’Abrosca formally announced his campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives in North Carolina’s 7th Congressional District. “I’m running for Congress to retire the Chairman of the House Anonymous Caucus, Rep. David Rouzer, an alleged Republican who has been silent on every major issue that matters to Republican voters both in the District, and across America,” D’Abrosca said in a statement. “Washington needs outsiders in Congress, not ‘yes-men’ for the GOP Establishment, which has actively worked against President Trump at nearly every turn.”


“The chief issue with Congressman Rouzer is that he, like most of the GOP establishment, is not supporting President Trump’s agenda, especially on the most dire issue facing Americans, which is border security,” D’Abrosca told PJ Media. His most recent book, Enemies: The Press vs. The American People, is a defense of President Trump’s stance that the corporate media loathes ordinary Americans.

D’Abrosca joins other young Republicans like Laura Loomer, 26, and Catalina Lauf, 26, who have recently launched campaigns for Congress. Loomer is running in Florida’s 21st district, and Lauf in Illinois’ 14th. Loomer and Lauf are both looking to unseat Democrats in blue districts, while D’Abrosca is mounting a primary challenge to an incumbent Republican he feels isn’t doing enough to support the Trump agenda.

“When the GOP held the House, Senate, and presidency, why weren’t GOP congressmen like David Rouzer drafting legislation daily to secure our borders, deport illegal aliens, end birthright citizenship and chain migration, and tax remittances?” D’Abrosca asked PJ Media. “They didn’t do it because they’re owned by big business interests who profit off illegal immigration. Once again, money in Washington interferes with our elected officials working on behalf of their constituents.”

D’Abrosca told PJ Media that, if elected, he pledges to donate 20 percent of his congressional salary to local charities in his district, and challenges Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (whom he has written an unauthorized biography of) to do the same.


D’Abrosca is staunchly pro-Second Amendment, pro-life, and pro-veteran. But, the biggest issue of his campaign is clearly is border security. He believes he’s calling for the “strictest border security policies” in modern history. “My plan is to introduce flagship legislation in Washington, D.C., to put a complete moratorium on immigration to the United States – legal and illegal – for a period of 10 years,” D’Abrosca said. “America must restore law and order, and implement a sane immigration policy. That can only be accomplished by halting the flow of immigrants in the short term. I will also introduce legislation to build a wall along the Southern border, end chain migration, end birthright citizenship, and deport as many of the 22 million-plus illegal aliens residing in the United States as possible.”

“The DNC propagandists in the left-wing media will surely call me a racist for my immigration plan, and that’s fine,” D’Abrosca told PJ Media. “They can have at it. I’m half Syrian and low-IQ pejoratives meant to shut down political debate have no effect on me.”

So far, D’Abrosca believes his campaign is off to a great start. “We’ve raised a good bit of money in grassroots donations over the past two days, which are continuing to flow in.” D’Abrosca plans to start canvassing his district soon to meet voters in person “to spread the message of closed borders, saving the Second Amendment, the sanctity of life, and supporting our veterans.”


D’Abrosca encourages supporters of President’s Trump agenda to visit his website and support his campaign.


Disclosure: Pete D’Abrosca is a fellow author at Bombardier Books, an imprint of Post Hill Press. I also wrote the foreword for his book Enemies: The Press vs. The American People.


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