Democrats Were the Party of Segregation Years Ago, and they Still Are Today

Attempting to block integration at the University of Alabama, Governor George Wallace stands defiantly at the door while being confronted by Deputy U.S. Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach. (Public Domain)

When Joe Biden made his recent comments regarding working with segregationist Democrats decades ago, the backlash from his 2020 rivals was expected. As the current frontrunner by a wide margin, his primary opponents are desperately hoping to find something that will knock him down and give them a chance to emerge from their single-digit polling.


But, what no one seems to be talking about is the hypocrisy of the Democrat outrage over Biden’s comments. It would be nice to think that Democrats, who were the party of segregation fifty years ago, have learned the evils of separating people by race, ethnicity, religion, etc., but they actually have not. They were the party of segregation back then, and they are the party of segregation today. Segregation is happening right now, voluntarily, across the country, in public and private institutions dominated by liberals, who preach equality and diversity but can’t quite figure out how to practice what they preach.

According to The College Fix, more than 75 universities, public and private, host segregated graduation ceremonies for black students. These ceremonies are offered in addition to the main commencement ceremonies available to all student and are not required, but nonetheless, are celebrated forms of segregation by left-wing institutions. Virginia Tech offers ten separate graduation ceremonies for various groups, such as African-American, Asian, Latino, Muslim, and LGBTQ students. Harvard University even debuted their “UndocuGraduation” this year for students in the United States illegally.


Some campuses also offer segregated “safe spaces” and events on campus for black students only. In 2018, Brown University hosted segregated lunchtime discussions, which, ironically were created in response to “more inclusive events to increase participation from students of color.” Segregated student housing appears to be the next wave of self-segregation.

It’s hard to imagine a country that has made so much progress in the realm of civil rights to see this occurring now by design. It was 56 years ago that George Wallace, the Democrat governor of Alabama, symbolically stood at the doorway of Foster Auditorium at the University of Alabama to block two African-American students from going in. Sadly, the left today are a lot more like George Wallace than they will ever admit. Despite the allegedly positive justifications for segregating students on campus by race or ethnicity, when students are taught to believe they need segregated safe spaces, housing, events, and ceremonies on campus they are being taught that it’s okay to be intolerant of people who don’t look like you. It fosters racially motivated suspicion and anxiety. It is antithetical to inclusivity, tolerance, and diversity. Yet, left-wing “academics” are enthusiastically bringing back institutionalized segregation.


It’s time for the Democratic Party to address the segregationist tendencies that still exist in their party. They won’t of course. This is the same party that embraces reparations for slavery and other policies that intentionally divide us on racial lines in the name of righting past wrongs. They are not going to give up curing racial animosity because their power depends on it. They’ll even condone segregation.


Matt Margolis is the author of the bestselling book The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama. His new book, Trumping Obama: How President Trump Saved Us From Barack Obama’s Legacy, will be published on July 30, 2019. You can follow Matt on Twitter @MattMargolis


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