What Will You Be Doing on Vaccine 'Walkout Wednesday' Next Week?

Employers right and left are joining the federal government in requiring workers to either get vaccinated against Covid or submit to rigorous masking and testing regimes and quite possibly termination.


President Joe Biden’s recent confirmation that he’s considering requiring all federal employees to either get the shot or suffer the consequences, and the similar announcement for the military by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, are the latest in a growing surge of such mandates in the private and public sectors.

Biden and Austin are taking advantage of something that began almost as soon as the three vaccines became available to the general public in January. By February, news reports like this one from NBC began to appear:

A New York City waitress was fired from her job after she told her supervisors that she wanted to wait before she got the Covid-19 vaccine. Bonnie Jacobson, of Brooklyn, said she was unexpectedly terminated from Red Hook Tavern on Monday, days after she expressed concern about how the vaccine affects fertility.

In March, it was a Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, healthcare worker who was fired because she said she preferred to wait to see if the vaccine is right for her body, according to a local Fox News report.

Things really started picking up in April as with Jennifer Bridges, who a Houston TV station reported, had to choose between her job and her freedom because she did not desire to get vaccinated.

“It’s a decision Jennifer Bridges never thought she’d have to make: get the COVID-19 vaccine or lose her job,” KHOU-11 reported.

“’It’s not fair to be forced to inject something that we’re not comfortable with,’ Bridges said. She knows her choice. ‘I think our rights as human beings are more important than keeping that job. If I am blacklisted, whatever it takes. I will go find another form of employment,’ Bridges said.

“As a registered nurse at Houston Methodist, she’s one of thousands of employees being told to get the vaccine by the hospital, or come June 7, she could be terminated.”


College students were also being told they had to be vaccinated in order to continue their education on campus and at school-sponsored activities. Liberty Counsel (LC) recently won a partial victory in a case on behalf of 11 Loyola students who challenged their school’s vaccine mandate.

“This is a great victory for these 11 students, but Loyola University needs to drop its unlawful mandate immediately. Forcing any person to receive one of these COVID injections authorized for emergency use by the FDA is a violation of both state and federal law,” commented LC Founder and Chairman Mat Staver.

Throughout these months, personnel and human resources experts were and continue today telling employees they have no choice, either get the shot or face the consequences. The same choice is increasingly being imposed on people seeking to patronize restaurants, big box stores such as Walmart, and entertainment venues.

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In fact, according to Liberty Counsel, get-the-shot-or-else has never been legal with the Covid vaccines because they were approved by the FDA as experimental vaccines to be administered on an emergency basis known as an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

The LC explanation is a bit lengthy but well worth reading closely:

“The COVID vaccines are in a special category and cannot be treated like FDA licensed vaccines. None of the COVID vaccines are FDA licensed; nor have they received full FDA approval. Rather, their approval is under the special provision noted above as EUA.

“This means that there is not enough data (which includes duration of testing) for the FDA to render a final approval. More importantly, no one, including private employers, may coerce individuals (by threatening their employment or otherwise) to take an EUA vaccine.

“Federal law requires full and informed, voluntary consent. All employees – whether employed by religious organizations, or not – are protected against mandated COVID-19 vaccines, under 21 U.S.C. §360bbb-3, which provides that EUA products (like all of these vaccines) require (as a condition of emergency approval) that people have ‘the option to accept or refuse administration of the product.

“’FDA has an obligation to ensure that recipients of the vaccine under an EUA are informed… that they have the option to accept or refuse the vaccine.’ (emphasis added). There is no exception in the statute for ‘private employers,’ as opposed to government; or for religious or non-religious employers. All EUA vaccines are optional.”


Along with vaccine mandates, officials across the nation, as well as corporations and businesses, are also again forcing people to wear masks, despite the fact that there continues to be widespread questioning of the efficacy of the typical cloth face-covering against the spread of Covid.

But there is growing public resentment against and opposition to these continuous government edicts that restrict individual freedom, damage familial and community bonds and communication, and provide troubling precedents for a host of additional intrusive measures in the near future.

As a result, LC is hosting “Walkout Wednesday,” a nationwide effort on August 11 to encourage individual Americans to make their voices heard on the issue of Covid-related mandates.

“Even if you are not being forced to get the COVID injections, or if you have received the shots, stand in solidarity with your friends, students, healthcare workers, veterans, or those who serve our veterans, and millions of others, who are being forced to take these shots or be terminated or removed from school,” LC explains (emphasis added by source).

There is a voluminous website of links and additional information on Walkout Wednesday and all aspects of the Covid mandates controversy. Check it out here.





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