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We got our first snow this week, which is quite a surprise for Ohio! Between the Christmas baking, the present wrapping, and the Christmas outings, I am trying to take time to savor the moments—taking fewer pictures, making more memories, and enjoying more of the mundane.



Who needs a tree topper! I do! I am looking forward to making one of these with my little ones this weekend.  I love sparkly things, and any excuse for a girls date to Hobby Lobby is welcome!


Follow Emma and Elsie over at a Beautiful Mess, you’ll be glad you did!


I stumbled across this post today and have already planned to implement half of the time-saving ideas into our 12 days of Christmas! #16 is GENIUS!  And we have been using #20 for years in my family.


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I’ll be keeping this post bookmarked for lots of ideas to use into the winter season. There are some simple and beautiful ideas to use next week, and some to save for the indoor months to come!


Head over to HelloBee for more fun ideas


If you are anything like me, you wake up on Christmas morning with kiddos ready to go!  There’s no time to make yourself look effortlessly beautiful (ok, when does that ever happen?!). But, I am eager to try a couple of these easy ideas to at least make me look like I’ve got it together in the pictures this year!



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Have a very happy weekend!

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