The Morning Briefing: Mueller to Bring Wet Nurse Along for Congressional Hearings

People participate in a public rally at Park Square to protect special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into potential coordination between Russia and President Donald Trump's campaign in the wake of Attorney General Jeff Session's resignation Thursday, Nov. 8, 2018, in Pittsfield, Mass. (Gillian Jones/The Berkshire Eagle via AP)

Good MUELLER morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • Watch Mueller testify???
  • The president delivers remarks at a fundraising committee reception in West Virginia


It’s finally happening. Special counsel Robert Mueller will testify today before the House Judiciary Committee at 8:30 a.m. and before the House Intelligence Committee at noon. What will Mueller’s “walk-in music” be? You know the music playing over the loud speaker when someone walks out on stage or onto the playing field? Turn it up and get ready to dance, because here’s my suggestion:

There was a last-minute surprise from Mueller, a request to have a wet nurse present and sitting next to him during the hearings. The wet nurse is one Aaron Zebley, who you might remember was the attorney for the Hillary Clinton IT guy who set up the illegal basement server and smashed up Hillary’s Blackberry phones. Why was this guy on Mueller’s team since it seems like he has some very real conflicts of interest? Nevermind. Anyway, it’s unclear what Zebley’s role will be. I heard he will not be sworn in/ testify before Judiciary, but he will before Intelligence. I guess we will find out because the Democrats don’t want to spoil the movie for you.

The real reason Zebley is there is because Mueller didn’t have much to do with the report. His role was one of a celebrity endorser, like Bob Dole endorsing Viagra. The real authors were the same corrupt bureaucrats who have been using the government’s power and authority to terrorize and surveil their political enemies and rack up other targets to amass career-boosting Scooby snacks. Mueller also doesn’t seem like he’s in good shape, I half expect to find him drinking out of some congressman’s fish tank during the hearing break.


The Democrats want to put on a performance for the dumb, stupid public who didn’t read the report and have lost interest in this taxpayer subsidized, deep state Trump-crucifixion after Attorney General Bill Barr announced that Mueller and his henchmen were unable to find evidence of a conspiracy between the campaign and the RUSSIANS. Mueller’s striptease today will probably not change that.

A few important things to keep in mind as you watch:

You are going to watch, aren’t you? Keep these things in mind and look for answers on these issues:

1. Mueller needs to explain why he didn’t tell the public as soon as his harpies determined there was no conspiracy with RUSSIA. When was this determined?

2. Why were some connections with RUSSIA investigated and others not? Fusion GPS worked (works?) for the RUSSIAN government trying to repeal the Magnitsky Act, has ties to at least one RUSSIAN oligarch and also paid for the dossier, which was the basis of the claims the Mueller team investigated. Why didn’t the Mueller team investigate whether origins of the allegations were a product of RUSSIAN disinformation used to create civil strife?

3. THIS IS IMPORTANT- Fired FBI Director James Comey and other anti-Trump deep state stooges say that “anyone else would have been charged…” The Democrats are going to pound this home. They will claim that since the Department of Justice regulations prohibit a sitting president from being charged, Mueller’s coven of witch-hunters couldn’t charge Trump. NO. Anyone else wouldn’t be charged because anyone else couldn’t be accused of firing the FBI director or firing the special counsel. Those are powers specifically reserved for the president and it can’t be obstruction of justice for the president to exercise his executive powers. Keep an eye out for how Mueller or his wet nurse try and answer related questions.


4. In how many other investigations has the Department of Justice announced that its subject was not proven innocent and/or not exonerated?

Over at American Greatness, Julie Kelly and I wrote a list of 25 questions for Mueller.

Trump weighs on today’s Mueller RUSSIA-collusion séance

“Just got back only to hear of a last minute change allowing a Never Trumper attorney to help Robert Mueller with his testimony before Congress tomorrow,” Trump tweeted. “What a disgrace to our system. Never heard of this before. VERY UNFAIR, SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED. A rigged Witch Hunt!”

According to Fox News, a source close to Mueller explained, “Aaron Zebley was the Deputy Special Counsel and had day-to-day oversight of the investigations conducted by the Office.”

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And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!


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