The Morning Briefing: Mueller's Farewell, Damage-Control Concert

Rober Mueller (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) Why is this man smiling?

Good Thursday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president delivers remarks at the 2019 United States Air Force Academy graduation ceremony in Colorado

Yes, I have a lot to say about Mueller’s press conference, thanks for asking

If you do not understand that the Justice Department is a filthy cesspool of corrupt garbage bureaucrats, you should understand now. Before I get into the Mueller circus yesterday, I want to point out that Mueller and his ilk are running the criminal justice system in this country. Currently, they are going after high-profile targets like Trump and the Trump operation, so there is public interest and press coverage. But imagine what kinds of things they do sotto voce to regular Joes and Janes. I just read Sidney Powell’s book, Licensed to Lie about the corruption at the DoJ and it is horrifying. I highly recommend reading it because you will see that the Trump treatment was just business as usual.

Here’s the real story, in my opinion, with Mueller’s press conference: Mueller doesn’t want to be called by Nadler to testify before the House Judiciary because he doesn’t want to answer tough questions under oath. Nadler doesn’t want to call Mueller because he doesn’t want Mueller answering questions that undermine the Democrats’ plan to keep a cloud of suspicion floating over Trump until 2020. Mueller and Nadler are communicating because Nadler was pretending to negotiate a Mueller appearance before his committee. Basically, Nadler was like, “I need you to give me something if you don’t want to be called to testify.” And of course, Mueller was more than happy to hold a press conference where he could recapture his rightful status on all those prayer candles after failing to seal the deal against Trump with his report. I should mention that the Senate Republicans can call Mueller to testify, but I have little faith they will do that because they are sad, weak little men.


A compromise had to be made because the Democrats’ planned narrative was derailed with Barr’s cut-to-the-chase press conference. But this time, Mueller delivered for the Democrats by insinuating that his team could not charge Trump because of DoJ’s regulations not to bring charges against a sitting president…but would have if not for the regulation.

AG Barr testified under oath otherwise about the DoJ regulation. Barr said that Mueller told him three times it was not the case that the OLC regulation prevented him from bringing charges. I believe Barr, who made this assertion under oath, over Mueller, who does not want to make any statements under oath. There were also witnesses to this conversation. I wonder what they have to say.

So it was up to Mueller to rectify what Barr spoiled. Here is what the original Mueller report release plan was:

  1. Mueller would turn over the completed report to Barr
  2. Barr would release the summaries that Mueller wanted released
  3. The complete report’s release would be held up making redactions because the Mueller team would not remove 6e (grand jury) material as Barr requested
  4. Mueller’s biased summaries would marinate in the press for weeks, building the preferred narrative
  5. Barr would get all the 6e material out and release the actual report after the narrative had been set by the Democrats and media based on Mueller’s chosen summaries. Few people are going to read the actual report, which is why Barr’s straight-shooting letter was so upsetting to the left.

But it didn’t go down that way so yesterday was damage control time.

If you noticed, Mueller completely inverted the foundation of the American judicial system — that citizens are innocent until proven guilty. Instead, Mueller changed the principle from innocent until proven guilty to guilty until exonerated. Do you see how dangerous this man, the former director of the FBI, is? How many other people have been persecuted and abused by these malefactors at the DoJ? Anyone who watches the lawyer shows on TV knows that prosecutors do not “exonerate” people They either bring charges or not and Mueller did not bring charges. And concerning Mueller shrouding himself in the OLC regulation, there’s also a regulation that prohibits prosecutors from smearing people who are not charged with a crime. What about that regulation, Bob?

And finally (I bet you are glad to read that if you have made it this far), Mueller didn’t “hand this over to Congress” or “provide a roadmap” or “refer this to Congress” for impeachment. Mueller answers to Barr, not Congress.


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And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!


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