The Morning Briefing: No More DACA?, No Background Checks for Awan Family and Much, Much More

"Trump's Grand Military Parade" was the theme of New York City's 33rd Annual Aprils Fools Day Parade and 2nd Annual "Trumpathon". Characters featured in the parade included Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un, and Vladimir Putin. The parade took place on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan in New York City on April 1, 2018.(Sipa via AP Images)

Good Monday morning.

Here is what’s on the President’s agenda today:

  • The President and First Lady host the White House Easter Egg Roll
  • The President meets with National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow

Bye-bye DACA?

On Sunday, President Trump tweeted out “NO MORE DACA” after venting his frustration with the situation at the border.

As he was heading into Easter services, he spoke to the media and said:

“Mexico has got to help us at the border. If they’re not going to help us at the border, it’s a very sad thing between two countries. Mexico has got to help us at the border. And a lot of people are coming in because they want to take advantage of DACA and we’re going to have to really see,” he said. “They had a great chance. The Democrats blew it. They had a great, great chance. But we’ll have to take a look. But Mexico has got to help us at the border. They flow right through Mexico. They send them into the United States. Can’t happen that way anymore.”


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said he doesn’t want to change the rules, so it’s unlikely Trump will get his way.

44 Dems waived background checks for Pakistani Awan family

Luke Rosiak at The Daily Caller dropped an Easter bombshell yesterday.

Every one of the 44 House Democrats who hired Pakistan-born IT aides who later allegedly made “unauthorized access” to congressional data appears to have chosen to exempt them from background checks, according to congressional documents.

All of them appear to have waived background checks on Imran Awan and his family members, even though the family of server administrators could collectively read all the emails and files of 1 in 5 House Democrats, and despite background checks being recommended for such positions, according to an inspector general’s report. The House security policy requires offices to fill out a form attesting that they’ve initiated background checks, but it also includes a loophole allowing them to simply say that another member vouched for them.

There were quite a few red flags in their backgrounds. Why were the checks waived? The Inspector General’s report in 2016 revealed the Awan family was:


logging into servers of members they didn’t work for, logging in using congressmen’s personal usernames, uploading data off the House network, and behaving in ways that suggested “nefarious purposes” and that “steps are being taken to conceal their activity.”

Read the whole thing.

Picture of the day:

Ragi Gates, 5, interacts with the Easter Bunny during the Easter Annual Parade along South Street, Sunday, April 1, 2018, in Philadelphia. (Jose F. Moreno/The Philadelphia Inquirer via AP)

Other morsels:

New York Magazine cover depicts Trump as a pig

Google snubbed Easter with no doodle for 18th year in a row, Christians say

NBC’s Chuck Todd slammed on Twitter for Good Friday comments

The Chinese space station hurtling towards Earth has crashed over the South Pacific

Tens of thousands of teachers planning massive rallies and classroom walkouts

Rising tension at protests over killing of black man in California

Democrat: A gun ban is not ‘feasible right now’

Frank Stallone apologizes after tweet tearing into Parkland student

Orange County board member: We joined lawsuit against California because the state isn’t right

Bernie Sanders sides with Trump on Amazon getting too big


Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor stores suffer data breach

Nancy Pelosi targeted in more than a third of GOP House commercials

Social media firms want us addicted to approval. So much for WiFi making us smarter

New York museum slammed after hiring white curator for African art exhibit

Ousted Shulkin rejects White House claim he resigned VA job

Dozens of local TV news anchors were forced to recite a speech about ‘false news’ controlling ‘exactly what people think’

Plan to deport 20,000 asylum seekers sparks protests, fear as deadline looms

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!


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