The Morning Briefing: Strzok Ignored Clinton Server Hack and Much, Much More

Protesters clash with Richard Spencer sympathizers, right, outside the Michigan State University Pavilion on campus in East Lansing, Mich., Monday, March 5, 2018, before the white nationalist was scheduled to speak. (Dale G.Young/Detroit News via AP)

Good Tuesday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president meets with Swedish Prime Minister Löfven
  • President Trump meets with Swedish business representatives
  • The president holds a joint press conference with Prime Minister Löfven

Good grief, this RUSSIA “investigation” is going to go on forever

FBI agent Peter Strzok was told of a possible breach into the Hillary Clinton’s homebrewed server but didn’t do anything about it. What ARE they doing at the FBI? “What would you say you do here?” They aren’t following up on tips of a possible school shooter, they aren’t following up on foreign hacking of the secretary of state’s illegal email server, so what?

Sources told Fox News that Strzok, who sent anti-Trump text messages that got him removed from the ongoing Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, was told about the metadata anomaly in 2016, but Strzok did not support a formal damage assessment.

One source said: “Nothing happened.”

According to intelligence community directive 732, damage assessments are done “in response to unauthorized disclosure or compromise of classified national intelligence.”

Intelligence beyond top secret was identified on the Clinton server. As secretary of state, Clinton chose to use a private, non-secure server for government business.

Here’s another fun fact:

The Australian diplomat whose tip in 2016 prompted the Russia-Trump investigation previously arranged one of the largest foreign donations to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s charitable efforts, documents show.

Former Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer’s role in securing $25 million in aid from his country to help the Clinton Foundation fight AIDS is chronicled in decade-old government memos archived on the Australian foreign ministry’s website.


Oh, ok, tell me more:

But lawmakers say the FBI didn’t tell Congress about Downer’s prior connection to the Clinton Foundation. Republicans say they are concerned the new information means nearly all of the early evidence the FBI used to justify its election-year probe of Trump came from sources supportive of the Clintons, including the controversial Steele dossier.

On the Steele dossier front: I don’t think this is true. According to a puff piece in The New Yorker written to rehabilitate the salacious and unverified dossier used to violate the rights of an American citizen by the federal government, “people were saying that the Kremlin had intervened to block Trump’s initial choice for Secretary of State, Mitt Romney.” President Trump had enough of his own reasons to deny Romney the secretary of state gig, so I am skeptical of this report.


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The perpetual campaign against guns

Emphasis continues to be placed on banning and restricting firearms rather than on a system (and people) that failed to stop a dangerous sociopath from shooting up a Florida high school. Has anyone been fired for ignoring this monster who went on to kill 17 innocent people? I have yet to hear about it if they have.


Last night, the Florida state Senate passed a bill raising the minimum age to purchase a rifle from 18 to 21 and allowing some teachers to conceal a firearm in school. I don’t understand why a teacher can get a conceal permit and carry in a grocery store or at her kid’s soccer game but can’t conceal her firearm in a school. What is the difference?

Meanwhile, interest in Second Amendment groups is skyrocketing. And that’s a good thing because the nutters on the left are working harder than ever to get fellow anti-gun progressives elected to office.

Young activists mobilized by the slaying of 17 students and faculty at a high school in Florida have begun to focus their fury on bringing change in November’s midterm elections.

As gun regulation efforts continue to face obstacles in Washington and state capitols, the students are appearing at candidate events, mounting voter registration drives and threatening to haunt politicians who stand in the way of their demands. And well-funded professional organizations that have long focused on curbing gun violence are rushing to find ways to harness their energy for the fall election.

The left is responsible for turning support for the Second Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms into support for murder. “Actor” Alec Baldwin attacked NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch: “I see that @DLoesch wants to ‘take back the truth.’ And she doesn’t care how many dead bodies she has to step over in that pursuit.” Be aware of this tactic by the left. They can’t win the argument so they turn differing ideas into moral differences: they are “good” and you are “evil.”



Man sues Dick’s, Walmart over new gun policies

WUT? Senator on NRA’s ties to Russia: ‘I remain concerned’

Free speech on parade:

White supremacist freak Richard Spencer spoke at Michigan State last night and violence broke out.

Then fights broke out, with both Spencer supporters and protesters swinging fists and trying to stomp on those who fell on the ground. Police from multiple agencies swarmed, trying to create separation between the two groups.

A total of 24 people were arrested from both groups and charged with a variety of misdemeanors and felonies, said police, who estimated there were 500 protesters. Some had weapons on them when they were arrested, police said.

How about you ignore him and don’t give him publicity like this? What is wrong with our culture where people are led to believe it’s acceptable to meet disagreeable ideas with violence?

It’s not just weirdos like Richard Spencer getting the violent treatment. Christina Hoff Sommers was shouted down while speaking at Lewis and Clark Law School in Oregon.

As Sommers started her talk, the leader of the protest group started shouting a prepared speech, dutifully chanted by her fellow protesters, about denying a platform to male supremacy. She’s wearing a jacket that reads “Stay Woke” on the back.


There need to be consequences for this behavior. Don’t these schools get federal funding? If they are not going to respect the First Amendment and punish students who behave like animals and barbarians regarding campus guests, then they need to lose their taxpayer dollars.

Historical picture of the day:

Actor Ronald Reagan, 40, and his bride starlet Nancy Davis, go for a walk while on their honeymoon at a winter resort in Phoenix on March 6, 1952. (AP Photo/HF)

Other morsels:

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And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!



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