Who Wore It Best? Team USA 2016 or Olympians From Games Past?

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Around one billion people will tune into watch the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympics Friday evening. What will the American athletes be wearing? Here’s the “fresh and sporty, with classic elements” uniform:


Ralph Lauren designed the uniforms this year. He also designed all the Olympic uniforms since 2008.

“It has always celebrated American iconography,” says David Lauren, EVP of global advertising, marketing, and corporate communications for Ralph Lauren, and the son of Ralph Lauren, who founded the company in 1967. “It has always been about patriotism.” The brand has embraced Americana both literally (sweaters emblazoned with the flag) and symbolically (cowboy boots). “The fact that we have the opportunity to work with the Olympics sets us apart in a way that reminds people about what Ralph Lauren is about,” Lauren says.

The look is clearly “American preppy” with white pants, blue blazer with the Lauren signature polo player, dock shoes and a striped shirt. “Our job is to make the moment memorable. So you’re looking at a sea of red, white, and blue, and you feel proud.” Not everyone felt pride when they looked at the uniforms. Critics of the uniforms promptly shared their opinions on social media. Many people pointed out the shirt looked like the Russian flag.

So how does this years uniform stack up to former outfits? Let’s take a look at some of the historical and current Olympic uniforms.


The USA 2012 uniforms were scandalous. It was revealed the uniforms were made in China.

The uniforms were also designed by Ralph Lauren. The berets makes them look French, but it could be worse.


And this is what I mean by worse: Cowboy hats. Here are the opening ceremony uniforms from 1984 in Sarajevo. Giddyup!

  Who could forget the USA’s sad homage to the Christmas sweater in the 2014 Winter Olympics? 2014 Winter Olympics Image: Ralph Lauren Here’s Australia’s uniform for 2016. A very pastel team you have there, Australia.

Ooolala! Here are France’s uniforms, designed by Lacoste.

Shoe designer extraordinaire Christian Louboutin designed Cuba’s 2016 uniforms. Do the athletic shoes have red soles?


Designers DSquared created the Canadians’ uniforms. I think these look pretty sharp.

So what do you think? Which uniform is your favorite?


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