Amy Schumer Performs Anti-Gun Sketch on Her 'Comedy' Show

Any Schumer, the anti-Second Amendment activist and “comedienne,” used her show “Inside Amy Schumer” on Comedy Central as a platform to further disseminate gun control lies and propaganda.


On the “comedy” show, Schumer performed a sketch titled “Welcome to the Gun Show” in which she make-believed she was an infomercial host selling guns on TV. One of the items for sale was a gun that costs $39.95.

$39.95 for a gun? That’s the funniest thing in the entire skit.

“Here is what’s great about this,” Schumer said of the “no-brainer” gift. “Almost anyone can purchase this,” she said, claiming the guns make a perfect stocking-stuffer for children (straw purchase: illegal).

A potential customer called into the show and said he couldn’t buy the gun due to a record of violent felonies.

“Caller, you bite your tongue, you silly goose! You can absolutely get a gun if you have several felonies, as long as you buy it on the Internet or at a gun show,” Schumer slobbered. “The government could be coming for your guns soon, like they never have, but always might.”

No, you can not buy a gun on the internet or at a gun show if you have ANY felonies.

During the skit both Schumer and her idiot sidekick wave the gun around and hold it unsafely with their finger on the trigger. I really think part of the reason the left is so anti-gun is because they imagine everyone to be as ignorant and careless as they are.


Another potential customer calls in to the show and says he is a suspected terrorist who is on the no-fly list and fears he cannot purchase a gun. Almost half the people on the “no -fly” list are on there by mistake. It’s a list created by bureaucrats naming people who have not been adjudicated as terrorists. Schumer responds: “No one can tell you you don’t have the right to buy a gun in this country you’re trying to destroy!”

The sketch ends with Schumer’s dummy sidekick accidentally shooting himself in the foot.

This woman isn’t even funny — why is she on TV?


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